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make it last

A random lazy afternoon spent lazing around town, yes it’s been a long time. I’m not too sure if I’ve exactly become domesticated, even though I kinda like how that sounds.

Guess what caught my eyes over at Scape? Live percussion band dressed in fiery reds, me like! Haven’t seen this much enthusiasm in such a long time, I actually had my eyes glued to the performance.

Then I encountered this Macdonald’s bus in the same fiery shade. Isn’t it oh so adorable? Since I’m the curious sort, I just had to find out what’s behind this curtain. To find out what I discovered,check this out!

What could it be? I could spend all day guessing alone, but one’s a lonely number!

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  1. Hina says:

    Hey, love that cute song at the background. Is it a Korean singing French?

    May I ask for the name of the song? 😀

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