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Poh Poh Mookata BBQ Steamboat

Just recently, I’ve been having steamboat on an everyday basis. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t quite a fan in the past cause I was plain lazy to peel the prawns. Majorly spoilt I was, but I have evolved!


Constantly on the lookout for a good steamboat & we ended up at Poh Poh Mookata. Charcoal Grill BBQ’s a first for me, & that intrigues me. Would I try it a second & third time? Without a doubt.

Our fondness towards good food is undeniable, hence it’s of no surprise if we tend to overindulge. Kudos to Poh Poh Mookata!

I’m such a noob when it comes to cooking, plus I tend to like my meat a lil’ on the raw side. Double scare for the people around me! At least I made myself useful by applying seasoning over the food.

You now know where to satisfy steamboat cravings, what are you waiting for?

Poh Poh Mookata Thai Charcoal BBQ Steamboat is located at 369 Tanjong Katong Road (LC Food Centre). It’s open everyday from 5.00pm-1.00am except Wednesdays.

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  1. sophiaaax says:

    Hi! Just want to ask what’s the title of the song playing in your website? been looking for it but can’t. The song is nice. Thanks!

  2. Jessica says:

    Is that your boyfriend? Heis soo cute and you two look awesome together. Love is in the air!,,

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