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Twinkle Nailz IV

I like my quick fixes like an express manicure/pedicure when I don’t have much time to spare. But on days when I’m not in a hurry, I want to pamper myself good.

Here’s my fourth visit to Twinkle Nailz , I know I could always count on Jenny to transform the ickiest nails into something totally mesmerizing. Mark my words!

Okay, I must admit I wasn’t quite a fan of pink in the past, but boy am I loving her newly decorated room! Anyone would feel like a princess right here, yours truly included.

This time round I requested for more decorative pieces, well what could I say? When it comes to nails, I like them over the top!

It’s a statement on-the-go with Twinkle Nailz . Contact Jenny at 90259696 to make an appointment!

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