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Wine & Dine with Wavehouse

Never mind if our sunny shores are lacking some boisterous waves, WAVE HOUSE makes up for it by creating the equivalent. Yes we can surf here too!

If surfing’s not your thing, you can always treat yourself to a divine meal at the Wave House Restaurant whilst checking out those surfer bods! You won’t regret!



Somedays when my mind’s feeling a lil’ detached, I’d kill for some serenity. This is one place that makes me feel at ease instantly, even better when you’ve the company of your loved one.

For starters, I highly recommend the Black Pepper Sesame Crust Tuna Tataki. It was truly love at first bite! Pair it with wine & the taste gets even more inviting. 


When it came to the main dishes, I wasted no time in devouring the Braised Australian Beef Cheek. Braised to tenderness, this was beyond good! The salty broth makes it very unexpected yet highly appetizing. This I love!

It’s such an honour to finally meet the brilliant Chef Freddy Ng. With his wealth of culinary experience, it’s no wonder every single dish keeps us wanting for more!

Alas, dinner isn’t quite complete if you’re missing some mouthwatering dessert! Looks like someone loves his Airy Milk Chocolate Cloud so much he’s unwilling to share!



The burst of sweet & sour makes my tastebuds tingle & the mousse texture works for me. Dessert’s possibly the only temptation I succumb to, no matter how sinful.


Wave House Retaurant is located at 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Level 1, Sentosa. Call 6377 3113 for reservations.

Partied all night long at Butter! Seems like we can’t keep vodka off our system for a day even, tomorrow spells major detox!

Alright, it’s time for me to hit slumberland. Goodnight world!

Bomb your tastebuds with Shots

Just the other day I was ransacking through my fridge & look what I found! Shots are the ‘bomb-diggity’, and trust me, if you’re having a house party, your friends would adore you for including this in the menu! Hassle-free plus uber tasty, what’s not to love?

Available in assorted flavours, you’d be spoilt for choice!


Feel the bite of the RATTLESNAKE‘S Tequila & Lime! Although salt’s optional, let’s keep it compulsory. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Let’s set you on fire with the naughty & naughtier taste of ZAMBUKA. Strictly not for the faint-hearted & perfect for a game of truth-or-dare!


Alas, the sweetness of mandarin oranges with a kick of vodka’s so damn fine it kills all monday blues. VODI SHOT is the way to go. 


Self-concocted drinks can get messy, & cleaning up would be a chore. Switch things up a lil’ at a house party, surprise your guests like they’ve never been. Pre-packaged is the way to go, I heart you Shots !

My two personal favourites are the VODI SHOT & TEXAS RANGER.

Here’s a good deal specially for my readers!

$299.00 for a case (72 shots) of any flavour + delivery (U.P $346.68) for the 1st 100 to quote a special code ‘Agri+Shots’.

Email to to place your orders!


Ps, there’s also a ‘Best Shot Experience’ competition going on. All you have to do is to post your best story while taking any kind of shots here. Easy peasy!

The winner gets a case of 72 shots. Good luck!

listen to my heart

Despite how I’m such a night-owl, I’m really quite the early riser on Sundays. It’s really not that shocking how I survive on a five-hour sleep practically everyday. The world is so filled with beauty it’d be such a waste to snuggle in bed all weekend.



Finally a place that’s cozy enough for the morning coffee complete with good company. All that’s lacking was some tiramisu & it would have been perfect!

Walked about the streets in random & encountered plenty of interesting eateries! To think all these while I patronised town out of convenience, not seeing what other places have to offer.



Despite the scorching sun plus that nasty hangover, everything felt like it was coming into place. I was doing everything out of my comfort zone & not complaining one bit. How rare!



Never did I imagine this place would make an interesting backdrop. Plus I love how the area felt so bare yet beautiful at the same time. I’m definitely coming back sooner than expected!



One of the longest walks we’ve had & possibly the most memorable too. It’s been a long time since ‘perfectly happy’ could be used to describe me.

By dinnertime, we were famished. Stumbled upon this steamboat place around the area & wasted no time in feasting!


Alright now, I’m off to run some errands. Have a great week ahead to all!