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Bomb your tastebuds with Shots

Just the other day I was ransacking through my fridge & look what I found! Shots are the ‘bomb-diggity’, and trust me, if you’re having a house party, your friends would adore you for including this in the menu! Hassle-free plus uber tasty, what’s not to love?

Available in assorted flavours, you’d be spoilt for choice!


Feel the bite of the RATTLESNAKE‘S Tequila & Lime! Although salt’s optional, let’s keep it compulsory. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Let’s set you on fire with the naughty & naughtier taste of ZAMBUKA. Strictly not for the faint-hearted & perfect for a game of truth-or-dare!


Alas, the sweetness of mandarin oranges with a kick of vodka’s so damn fine it kills all monday blues. VODI SHOT is the way to go. 


Self-concocted drinks can get messy, & cleaning up would be a chore. Switch things up a lil’ at a house party, surprise your guests like they’ve never been. Pre-packaged is the way to go, I heart you Shots !

My two personal favourites are the VODI SHOT & TEXAS RANGER.

Here’s a good deal specially for my readers!

$299.00 for a case (72 shots) of any flavour + delivery (U.P $346.68) for the 1st 100 to quote a special code ‘Agri+Shots’.

Email to to place your orders!


Ps, there’s also a ‘Best Shot Experience’ competition going on. All you have to do is to post your best story while taking any kind of shots here. Easy peasy!

The winner gets a case of 72 shots. Good luck!

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    Hi, may i know the song playing on your widget? It’s definitely soothing. 🙂

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