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listen to my heart

Despite how I’m such a night-owl, I’m really quite the early riser on Sundays. It’s really not that shocking how I survive on a five-hour sleep practically everyday. The world is so filled with beauty it’d be such a waste to snuggle in bed all weekend.



Finally a place that’s cozy enough for the morning coffee complete with good company. All that’s lacking was some tiramisu & it would have been perfect!

Walked about the streets in random & encountered plenty of interesting eateries! To think all these while I patronised town out of convenience, not seeing what other places have to offer.



Despite the scorching sun plus that nasty hangover, everything felt like it was coming into place. I was doing everything out of my comfort zone & not complaining one bit. How rare!



Never did I imagine this place would make an interesting backdrop. Plus I love how the area felt so bare yet beautiful at the same time. I’m definitely coming back sooner than expected!



One of the longest walks we’ve had & possibly the most memorable too. It’s been a long time since ‘perfectly happy’ could be used to describe me.

By dinnertime, we were famished. Stumbled upon this steamboat place around the area & wasted no time in feasting!


Alright now, I’m off to run some errands. Have a great week ahead to all!

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  1. Shynggys says:

    Hi, great photos. Where is that place with an interesting backdrop thing?

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