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Roll to Perfection with Beauti Instinct

Despite how I’ve been more attentive towards my skin these days, I haven’t quite mastered the snuggling into bed just before midnight for that highly sought-after flawless skin.

How good would it be to have the best of both worlds! Can we really embrace the night life & still be able to put our best faces forward? Not impossible if you’re so bent on making it work.


Trust me, if your lifestyle’s a lot like mine, chances are you’re looking for a quick fix once Monday comes to undo the damage!


I’ve attempted my fair share of skin therapies, striked out quite a couple too. Sometimes it takes a handful of trial & errors before you find your antidote. I’ve tried the Roller treatment for some time now at Beauti Instinct & it’s FANTASTIC!


Here’s the assorted cocktails to address your skin’s specific needs:




It’s my 4th treatment now & I’m definitely seeing very significant results. This closeup version of my face without makeup, you can see how evened out my skintone is. It’s pretty damn amazing! Now I can do without primers!

And when you’re prepping for the night, you’d notice how your makeup glides on with ease. If incredibly radiant is what you seek, incredibly radiant is what you get! Another amazing thing about this treatment is how it kinda has this slimming effect on your face.



Depending on you skin condition, you may need about 5-10 sessions and for best results, have it done @ 10 days lapse for the 1st 3 sessions & maintenance thereafter.


6 Treatments + 1 Treatment FOC


10 Treatments + 2 Treatments FOC + Personal Roller FOC

Beauti Instinct is located at 545 Orchard Road #03-14 Far East Shopping Centre (beside Hilton Hotel). Call 67339149 to make an appointment today! 

enjoying the silence

Despite how unforgiving the sun was, here I am at Bibigo where I’d be attempting my first Bibimbap. Having seen this dish served repeatedly in Korean drama plus the fact that it’s so highly raved by everyone around me, I need to know exactly how good this is.

My princess D who’s a glutton like I am is equally game for healthy Korean food. Truth be told, I gave her the idea that we’re about to feast on Korean BBQ, something which she can never resist. This trick never fails each time, yikes I let the cat out of the bag!

We had the Jellyfish & Shrimp Salad served with Korean mustard dressing and also the Boiled Pork Slices which I highly recommend. Paired with a side of aged kimchi & meoyungyi leaves, it’s no wonder someone’s grinning from ear to ear.

What drew me to Bibigo was its modern rendition of Korean traditional architectural elements by heavily incorporating wood & traditional rice paper. Of couse what really mattered was how it’s so focused on a well-balanced nutrition, which in turn would lead to our well-being.

Then came the highly anticipated Bibimbap. The first bite, to my surprise, was unbelievably appetizing! My tummy does not resent. Take your pick from the 4 types of sauce given, I went with the Citron Soy Sauce! Such a shame spicy’s not my thing! May I also suggest you keep the Sesame Oil compulsory?

Let’s toast to a healthier tomorrow! Bibigo is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-74.


Next on the list- Hyang To Gol at Amara Hotel.

Honestly, it’s quite a feat to endure someone with THIS much desire for meat. I like to double platter everything, an empty dining table does not excite me. Don’t get me wrong! Despite that bad habit, I don’t practice food wastage.

Lastly, Red Dot here I come! Before you think I’m hungover 24/7 & feel repulsive towards all forms of daytime activities, you clearly don’t know me one bit. I’m quite the early riser & I love my morning coffee!


Catching up with my honey over lunch was always such a breeze despite the super last minute decision. Never mind if the food was a huge flop, good company was the best form of compensation.

Super comfortable in this couch I was nowhere near ready to bounce. You’re looking at one couch potato right here. There’s just something about this place which made me feel at home instantly!

How nice would it be if everyday could be as carefree as today! I’m definitely looking forward to our next lunch date.

I’m off to get some takeouts! Someone’s craving for meat & I’m not about to let him starve. Who’s the nice one now!

doing it right with Salon Vim

Going light requires plenty of maintenance, don’t be surprised if I’m at Salon Vim by Chez Vous more often than home. Indulging in their Cataplasme Ginseng treatment feels like comfort food for chemical-processed hair. 

In addition to that, their soothing head massage makes me feel rejuvenated right after. I’m so ready to head out!

On a side note, I’m contemplating if I should get my hair a few shades darker on my next visit. Perhaps I should chop those long locks off too? There’s endless things I want to do with my hair & with John Tham as my stylist, he always ensures I leave satisfied.

You know how all nocturnal creatures are. They hibernate in the day & we’re pretty much the equivalent! Way to go Pangaea, you have officially become my favourite hangout!

This is one place where we drink ourselves to oblivion & not think about tomorrow. Once the bruises beneath our feet surface the morning after, we know we’ve had way too much fun!

Lucky for me I’ve kicked off my jaggerbomb addiction, okay well let’s consider it temporary. I’m sick & tired of being insomniac when everyone’s sound asleep!

 It was such a phenomenal night we never were too willing to stop. Friday’s about to come, it’s time to do it all over again!