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Home Sweet Home at Double Bay

Check out my friend’s newly-opened restaurant in Jakarta. Lucky me got to preview the place before its official launch, thank you Will! Oh Double Bay you sure make my heart swoon!



Tried out some of the popular dishes for lunch, I just can’t get enough! Ahh the joys of eating alone, nobody reprimands me for having a dragon appetite & I can really take my own sweet time.

Isn’t Double Bay such a beauty? Since sharing good stuff is in my nature, I made it a point to capture every corner so that you won’t be missing out! Aww I want to go back sooner!

Be it for a simple catchup session with the girls or for romantic first dates, Double Bay is sure to keep you happy all day all night. I’d let the pictures do all the talking!

Their menu’s pretty extensive, it’d take more than one visit to conquer! But for now, I’m extremely satisfied with whatever my stomach’s willing to accomodate. Quite a handful I must say!

Double Bay is located at Jalan. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 79, Gedung Formule 1, Menteng. Don’t forget to drop by if you’re in Jakarta!


Back in Singapore, I had the hugest craving for Chinese food & since our friends from KL came by for the weekend, here’s our reunion-style dinner over at Long Beach.

So much seafood, where do I even begin? It’s so easy to keep me happy, food does the trick!

And if you thought we’d head home to slumber after a full meal, you obviously don’t know me that well! How could my night end so abruptly without some Belvedere! I love you Butter for ensuring a rocking good time each time I’m there!

The weekend was full on insanity with music pounding in my head even till today as I sit on my work desk. I had better catch up on sleep while I can. Goodnight all!

Love in Abundance with ClubCouture

Shopping is never a hassle for me since I actually enjoy doing it. Updating my wardrobe has never been easier since ClubCouture entered my life. I love variety & ClubCouture offers just that! Let me show you some of my favourite pieces & how I wear them!

1) Cammie Mustard Mini

I like to use bright colours to uplift my mood & it works better than chocolates. This mustard mini is extremely easy to match & since I’m feeling a lil’ perky today, I decided to do a full on colour therapy. I like that there’s an extra ribbon that’s detachable from the skirt,you can really decide how you want to play around with it.

2) Floral Chiffon Shirt

Demure’s not the word that best describes me, but like all girls, I have my moments too! Since dressing up’s one of my favourite pastime, I enjoy experimenting with different styles everyday. Who said floral equates to ultra feminine! Because I’m such a rule breaker, I have this tendency to mix it with edgier pieces to toughen up the look a lil’. Voila now this seems more me!

3) Leopard Printed Chiffon Scarf

Scarves are such neccesities in everyone’s wardrobe, it always works to your advantage in a last minute situation. Don’t you love how this look seems so well-put together even though all I did was to put it around my neck? Perfect for the woman who’s on-the-go cause you know you’d look effortlessly chic no matter how.

4) Boyfriend Shirt

You have no idea how obsessed I am with boyfriend shirts, this one in particular. Orange is such a vibrant colour & it can really show your inner confidence! If you find it a tad too striking, you could always soften the look with a silk-blend nude-coloured vest like how I did it here.

ClubCouture has new arrivals daily & there’s bound to be something for every unique individual! Alrighty, I shall not ramble any further before I start to bore you.

Have a blast shopping with ClubCouture today!

Quick Hair Fix with Salon Vim

Being overwhelmed with way too many activities for the week have left me somewhat feeling jaded. Even my hair was in such an appaling state, all thanks to the straightening iron & curling tongs!

Imagine my hair stylist’s shock when he felt my grass-like textured hair, but don’t worry all hope’s not lost. When it comes to Salon Vim by Chez Vous, there’s no damage that can’t be undone.

I swear by one of their signatures, the Cataplasme Ginseng Treatment ! See how tame my hair has become it actually looks like it’s been soft rebonded. The last thing I need to do right now is to keep my hands of my hair right now, teehee!

Salon Vim by Chez Vous is located at Somerset 313 #04-07/08/09.



I also went to Cotton Bleu for the first time which I absolutely love. Plenty of good finds go beyond town, I’m definitely getting more adventurous these days in exploring new eateries.

Gotta love how this place felt extremely cozy. It definitely felt good to be away from the bustling town for a change. Wasn’t quite craving meat & went along with Chef Herve’s recommendation. Ended up having quite a feast & I couldn’t budge!

Alright, I better start getting ready before I get fashionably late for dinner. Thou shall not make war with food! Goodnight world & have a fantastic weekend!

Decongest & Detoxify with Slimbeau Wellness

I’m constantly out & about which literally forbids my skin to breathe. Yes good skin matters! Such a sin to let your skin eat makeup close to an everyday basis. Not even a home DIY mask could fix! Time to get rid of all the impurities & restore that glow!

Upon consultation with the beautiful lady boss, I was recommended the Decleor Complexion Clear Facial. This detoxifying treatment balances, purifies & soothes acne prone skin. Here I am, getting all excited & feeling all princessy in the golden robe!

Despite my high threshold for pain, I still have a love-hate relationship with extractions. It’s amazing how clear your skin becomes after all the tiny bumps are gone! I used to pick on my face in the past & ended up having scarring on the sides which took forever to heal. Glad I got rid of that bad habit!

The whole process was such a soothing one I actually dozed off. Must have been the Ylang Ylang! The products used in the entire process were so sweet-smelling I was so tempted to lick my face, teehee!

I’m quite obsessed with face massages, and you might think they all feel the same. That’s what I thought until I encountered Slimbeau Wellness. This one is really a perfect score! I woke up feeling all refreshed & ready to cruise!

Exclusively to my readers, here’s some special promotions!

Decleor Classic Facial
60 mins  Offer $48U.P $88
Designed for your complexion, this personalised facial is customised from start to finish.

Decleor Aromaplastie Facial
60 mins  Offer $88U.P $138
Suitable for all skin types with a double mask to deeply cleanse & nourish your skin.

Complexion Clear (Expert Purifying)
90 mins  Offer $138,  U.P $228
For blemish-prone, oily & congested skin.

Expert Soothing & Sensitive Facial
90 mins Offer $138, U.P $228     
For weakened & sensitive skin that’s reactive to harsh climatic conditions.

Decleor Whitening Facial with Super Activated Vit C
90mins Offer $148, U.P $248  
Addresses uneven skin tone and the signs of aging, revealing your skin’s radiant brilliance while restoring it to its peak health and vitality.

A week has passed now & my partying behaviour hasn’t quite mellowed. However, the glow’s still very much intact! Amazing or what? A good canvas is extremely vital if you’re looking to attain a flawless finish!


Slimbeau Wellness is located at 450 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #02-07, Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre.

Please call 62556855 & quote ‘AGRIVELT’ when making an appointment to enjoy the special deals!

it has to be you

One fine afternoon had us exploring the streets like we’ve never before. The quest to search for mouthwatering beef noodles under the scorching sun failed, but let’s not grumble!

Surely, there’s other alternatives! We ain’t no brats. Then I got a lil’ carried away with this amazing backdrop since someone was such an ardent photographer. 


Rewarded ourselves to a meat fest afterwards! It’s incredibly cute that we each have our own mini pots with the chosen soup base. The only downside? You can’t cook as much at one go, not so good if you’re someone with voracious appetite!

You know how most steamboat places have their food stations & it’s pretty much self-service. Over here, meat is sliced when you place your order, super fresh I like!

Been crazy eating all week & just as I decided to put a stop to it, one of my dearest friend from overseas is back tomorrow and wants to do buffet! Way too hard to say no to this, teehee!

Share the Love with Vanity Trove

Which girl doesn’t love receiving gifts at their doorstep at the end of a strenuous day? The monthly beautiful surprise now comes hand-delivered, oh such a sweet gesture! Thank you so much, you really know how to make my day!

Before I do a proper introduction on the products, let me tell you more about VanityTrove :

Inspired by the concept of fukuburuko – the mystery grabbag style of presenting products from the fashion hub of Japan, VanityTrove presents a unique service right here in Singapore. This new trend is set to grab the hearts of ladies around the island who deserve some pampering.


Let’s unravel the mystery gift!

1) SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser

One of the most raved about skincare, a luxurious lathering cream-cleanser which leaves your skin feeling comfortably smooth.

2) SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Completes your cleansing ritual by removing residual dead skin cells to improve skin texture & tone.

3) SkinC Reinforce Ceramide Serum

Contains 4 different types of ceramides to enforce the skin’s protective barrier & also prevents dehydration of the skin.

4) Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

This revolutionary solution boosts production of ‘youth proteins’ to reverse the signs of aging.


5) Lancome Virtuose Mascara

This multi-benefit mascara adds maximum volume with definition & length for more than 12 hours.

6) Snail Street AC Trouble Mask

This 3-in-1 multi BioControl mask softens & dissolves existing scars as well as rebuilding collagen.

7) Coffee Beans from Dann’s Daily

Fed with nutrients for that aromatic full-bodied smooth flavour.


So here’s how VanityTrove works :

1) Sign up for an account & subscribe to the service on VanityTrove for the monthly subscription fee of only S$25/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or S$300/- for 13 months (1 month free)!

2) VanityTrove sends out specially curated sets of beautiful surprises to paid subscribers on the 15th of every month.

3) Enjoy the beautiful surprises within the hand-delivered troves!

For S$25/- , you get to receive the top products in the beauty industry because VanityTrove knows that the ladies want only the best. Additionally, their beauty experts behind-the-scenes identify & pick the newest beauty trends for you to test.

 Beauty sampling has never been made so accessible & affordable. You can trust VanityTrove to provide only the best & effective products for you. Sign up HERE today!

the weekend getaway

The incredibly spontaneous trip had us getting coach tickets one hour before & packing twenty minutes prior to departure. All weary-eyed from no sleep the night before, oh why did we decide to put ourselves through this!

The good ol’ nap got us almost fully-recharged & ready to take on KL. If only I had my camera when we were munching on local food, but someone’s too busy devouring it all! You know how cranky one gets when food-deprived!

Explored the areas around the hotel for a bit before we need to prep for the night! Went abit overboard at Sephora since I left 3/4 of my neccessities back in Singapore. Told you I don’t work too well with last minute packing!

Finally found time to catch up with our friends from here! First time at Zouk KL and I had a blast. Way too much fun that I slept with makeup on, kill me already!

Okay so this was the real reason why we’re in KL! The Challenger Muay Thai Live Finale combines the elements of reality & drama! Plus, what’s not to love when you get to see sweaty men in action during their elimination fights?

Since cameras weren’t allowed on set, I didn’t manage to capture the fighters in action! These men are fearless, I’d love to have one as my knight in shining armour. Check out the amount of blood shed, brutal much!

With Riaz, President of Imagine Group, otherwise known as a Reality TV extraordinaire. The Challenger Season 1 was a huge success, I’m so proud of you BFF!

Goofing around in between breaks had us braving the rain to eat some beef patties & truth be told I really have no clue how these roses magically appeared in a stadium! I was in high spirits!

Partied the night through again afterwards! So glad our dearest Dionna made it down in time, partying with her always ends in good fun! It’s been proven.


Lunch at Ben’s – the perfect cure to a nasty hangover. It’s such a pity we’re kinda rushed for time & couldn’t feast like how we normally do. Big boohoo!

Next time I’m here, I’d make sure I attempt all the desserts! There’s no such thing as ‘overly sinful’ in my dictionary.


We’ve already missed the first & second coach, we’re not about to miss the third one! It’s almost unbelievable how we lose track of time constantly!

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I’m kinda missing KL already. Looks like I might need to plan a trip back there soon!