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Home Sweet Home at Double Bay

Check out my friend’s newly-opened restaurant in Jakarta. Lucky me got to preview the place before its official launch, thank you Will! Oh Double Bay you sure make my heart swoon!



Tried out some of the popular dishes for lunch, I just can’t get enough! Ahh the joys of eating alone, nobody reprimands me for having a dragon appetite & I can really take my own sweet time.

Isn’t Double Bay such a beauty? Since sharing good stuff is in my nature, I made it a point to capture every corner so that you won’t be missing out! Aww I want to go back sooner!

Be it for a simple catchup session with the girls or for romantic first dates, Double Bay is sure to keep you happy all day all night. I’d let the pictures do all the talking!

Their menu’s pretty extensive, it’d take more than one visit to conquer! But for now, I’m extremely satisfied with whatever my stomach’s willing to accomodate. Quite a handful I must say!

Double Bay is located at Jalan. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 79, Gedung Formule 1, Menteng. Don’t forget to drop by if you’re in Jakarta!


Back in Singapore, I had the hugest craving for Chinese food & since our friends from KL came by for the weekend, here’s our reunion-style dinner over at Long Beach.

So much seafood, where do I even begin? It’s so easy to keep me happy, food does the trick!

And if you thought we’d head home to slumber after a full meal, you obviously don’t know me that well! How could my night end so abruptly without some Belvedere! I love you Butter for ensuring a rocking good time each time I’m there!

The weekend was full on insanity with music pounding in my head even till today as I sit on my work desk. I had better catch up on sleep while I can. Goodnight all!

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