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it has to be you

One fine afternoon had us exploring the streets like we’ve never before. The quest to search for mouthwatering beef noodles under the scorching sun failed, but let’s not grumble!

Surely, there’s other alternatives! We ain’t no brats. Then I got a lil’ carried away with this amazing backdrop since someone was such an ardent photographer. 


Rewarded ourselves to a meat fest afterwards! It’s incredibly cute that we each have our own mini pots with the chosen soup base. The only downside? You can’t cook as much at one go, not so good if you’re someone with voracious appetite!

You know how most steamboat places have their food stations & it’s pretty much self-service. Over here, meat is sliced when you place your order, super fresh I like!

Been crazy eating all week & just as I decided to put a stop to it, one of my dearest friend from overseas is back tomorrow and wants to do buffet! Way too hard to say no to this, teehee!

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  1. q says:

    kkkk the title sound like a song from t band…

  2. Crystal says:

    What is the brand and model of the shades that you’re wearing in this post? So chic!

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