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Love in Abundance with ClubCouture

Shopping is never a hassle for me since I actually enjoy doing it. Updating my wardrobe has never been easier since ClubCouture entered my life. I love variety & ClubCouture offers just that! Let me show you some of my favourite pieces & how I wear them!

1) Cammie Mustard Mini

I like to use bright colours to uplift my mood & it works better than chocolates. This mustard mini is extremely easy to match & since I’m feeling a lil’ perky today, I decided to do a full on colour therapy. I like that there’s an extra ribbon that’s detachable from the skirt,you can really decide how you want to play around with it.

2) Floral Chiffon Shirt

Demure’s not the word that best describes me, but like all girls, I have my moments too! Since dressing up’s one of my favourite pastime, I enjoy experimenting with different styles everyday. Who said floral equates to ultra feminine! Because I’m such a rule breaker, I have this tendency to mix it with edgier pieces to toughen up the look a lil’. Voila now this seems more me!

3) Leopard Printed Chiffon Scarf

Scarves are such neccesities in everyone’s wardrobe, it always works to your advantage in a last minute situation. Don’t you love how this look seems so well-put together even though all I did was to put it around my neck? Perfect for the woman who’s on-the-go cause you know you’d look effortlessly chic no matter how.

4) Boyfriend Shirt

You have no idea how obsessed I am with boyfriend shirts, this one in particular. Orange is such a vibrant colour & it can really show your inner confidence! If you find it a tad too striking, you could always soften the look with a silk-blend nude-coloured vest like how I did it here.

ClubCouture has new arrivals daily & there’s bound to be something for every unique individual! Alrighty, I shall not ramble any further before I start to bore you.

Have a blast shopping with ClubCouture today!

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