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Quick Hair Fix with Salon Vim

Being overwhelmed with way too many activities for the week have left me somewhat feeling jaded. Even my hair was in such an appaling state, all thanks to the straightening iron & curling tongs!

Imagine my hair stylist’s shock when he felt my grass-like textured hair, but don’t worry all hope’s not lost. When it comes to Salon Vim by Chez Vous, there’s no damage that can’t be undone.

I swear by one of their signatures, the Cataplasme Ginseng Treatment ! See how tame my hair has become it actually looks like it’s been soft rebonded. The last thing I need to do right now is to keep my hands of my hair right now, teehee!

Salon Vim by Chez Vous is located at Somerset 313 #04-07/08/09.



I also went to Cotton Bleu for the first time which I absolutely love. Plenty of good finds go beyond town, I’m definitely getting more adventurous these days in exploring new eateries.

Gotta love how this place felt extremely cozy. It definitely felt good to be away from the bustling town for a change. Wasn’t quite craving meat & went along with Chef Herve’s recommendation. Ended up having quite a feast & I couldn’t budge!

Alright, I better start getting ready before I get fashionably late for dinner. Thou shall not make war with food! Goodnight world & have a fantastic weekend!

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