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the weekend getaway

The incredibly spontaneous trip had us getting coach tickets one hour before & packing twenty minutes prior to departure. All weary-eyed from no sleep the night before, oh why did we decide to put ourselves through this!

The good ol’ nap got us almost fully-recharged & ready to take on KL. If only I had my camera when we were munching on local food, but someone’s too busy devouring it all! You know how cranky one gets when food-deprived!

Explored the areas around the hotel for a bit before we need to prep for the night! Went abit overboard at Sephora since I left 3/4 of my neccessities back in Singapore. Told you I don’t work too well with last minute packing!

Finally found time to catch up with our friends from here! First time at Zouk KL and I had a blast. Way too much fun that I slept with makeup on, kill me already!

Okay so this was the real reason why we’re in KL! The Challenger Muay Thai Live Finale combines the elements of reality & drama! Plus, what’s not to love when you get to see sweaty men in action during their elimination fights?

Since cameras weren’t allowed on set, I didn’t manage to capture the fighters in action! These men are fearless, I’d love to have one as my knight in shining armour. Check out the amount of blood shed, brutal much!

With Riaz, President of Imagine Group, otherwise known as a Reality TV extraordinaire. The Challenger Season 1 was a huge success, I’m so proud of you BFF!

Goofing around in between breaks had us braving the rain to eat some beef patties & truth be told I really have no clue how these roses magically appeared in a stadium! I was in high spirits!

Partied the night through again afterwards! So glad our dearest Dionna made it down in time, partying with her always ends in good fun! It’s been proven.


Lunch at Ben’s – the perfect cure to a nasty hangover. It’s such a pity we’re kinda rushed for time & couldn’t feast like how we normally do. Big boohoo!

Next time I’m here, I’d make sure I attempt all the desserts! There’s no such thing as ‘overly sinful’ in my dictionary.


We’ve already missed the first & second coach, we’re not about to miss the third one! It’s almost unbelievable how we lose track of time constantly!

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I’m kinda missing KL already. Looks like I might need to plan a trip back there soon! 

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