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Good Times with CITIBANK

Let’s see what I’ve been keeping busy with & I assure you it’s nothing close to mundane & in fact a lot of fun! I’m sure lots of you use Citibank credit cards, I’m definitely a loyal supporter! The new Citibank Clear Platinum gives 5X Rewards for Online Shopping, Nightspots, Cinemas & Cafes! This is just one of the perks, I’d share more with you in a bit.

What really catches my attention for this is how it intergrates Social Networking as part of Product Feature, perfect for people like us constantly fiddling around with our Iphones on the go. The FIRST ever credit card to introduce this Clear.24.7 facebook app, basically you get rewarded with virtual points on your social activities!

By checking-in at places you’re at & sharing the perks of the card with your friends by clicking ‘COOL’ (Citibank’s term for LIKE). These virtual points can later be converted to Real Citi Dollars up to Citi$5000! Wow I’m sold.

Check out some of the Amazing Deals! The best part is you get to pick which benefits you fancy, hence you are not restricted, you make your own choices! This is really taking it to another level, you’re so awesome Citibank! Let me show you some of my good finds. I’m gonna ‘COOL’ the KPO Cafe Bar first!

It’s also no secret by now how I cannot do without Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latte! I’m gonna ‘COOL’ Starbucks right now as well. I love you Citibank Clear Platinum!

It even has a ‘Deal Of The Month’ Section. The most amount of ‘COOL’ would become the next deal of the month, so vote away, & get all your friends to ‘COOL’ the same one that you like! There’d be all sorts of deals every month, just keep checking to see what’s upcoming, you’d be surprised!

In a nutshell, the more you ‘COOL’ & ‘SHARE’, your virtual social ladder increases accordingly. There’d be weekly prizes for the top Social A-Lister, easy peasy if you’re always out! By the time 6 weeks end, there’d be one lucky winner who wins the Grand Prize of a Fun & Customizable party of his/her own worth $5000! I’m gonna be so active in checking in & ‘COOL’ whatever I fancy! I’m excited to throw an extravagant party, come to me Grey Goose Vodka I want you so bad!

Lots of ‘CHECK-INS’ to do, but I’d make it up rapidly! I can do my first check-in at the Citibank Clear Platinum Relaunch Party over at Zouk tonight, hurray! Major excited! Oh what should I wear?

Alrighty, less talk & let’s get down to it! DOWNLOAD the Clear.24.7 app HERE . Have fun & good luck with winning the grand prize!

we had a good thing

A sneak peek of the upcoming collection for next week! Not gonna reveal too much aside from this silk-blend dress & a couple of jackets! Everyone loves surprises, don’t they? The dress is my personal favourite,other than the fact that I’m a huge lover of prints, this really is such a fashion statement on its own! Don’t ponder too long cause I’m allowing you to purchase these items right now.

Photography by Unikly.B

$59.00 (jacket)

all things have changed.

$45.00 (silk-blend dress)


the story of us.

$49.00 (jacket)


the choice to love you.

$45.00 (silk-blend dress)


turn up the music.

Drop your enquiries & place your orders to .

if the answer was yes

All of my favourite things the very minute I opened my eyes. It’s been so long since I woke up to such a lovely surprise I almost forgot how fantastic it felt!

Valentine’s Day Dinner at The Yacht Club.

Love how this place gets so tranquil once night falls. Never thought looking out at the sea whilst dining was incredibly nostalgic! I definitely want to come back here when time permits.

With that aside, this week’s proven to be quite a madhouse, so much so that it scares me to even look at my planner. Seems like sleeping’s not an option, yikes! Before all dullness attacks me, I shall undergo a quick procedure that guarantees instant results.

Was recommended to Cutis by a girlfriend of mine. I’m always in awe of her porcelian-like skin & now she’s about to tell me her secret. Big hurray!

My first attempt- The Enzyme Peel . Known to accelerate the process of the replacement of skin cells without the downtime of a chemical peel. Of course, chemical peel still works best for severe scarring. Enzyme peels are made from organic substances & it visibly improves the texture of your face in one session. Since this peel is not too harsh, you can do it once a month to maintain.


Cutis is located at 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #03-06. Do call 6327 9700 to make an appointment!

Later part of the week I did a lil’ shopping with my beloved princess. Ended up purchasing the same pair of heels, talk about great minds think alike! I might actually head back to get the other pair too, seriously contemplating.

Introduced my girlfriend to GloMinerals , in fact most of my friends have converted! This is one makeup brand that I swear by. I party all night in their Loose Base & it stays intact even till the morning without looking cakey no matter how many times you touch up!

You know how some makeup turns your skintone greyish after a few hours or leaves you looking patchy, this doesn’t for sure. Comes in pressed powder form too if you think loose powder’s too much of a hassle! It’s been 2 years & GloMinerals is still my life saver! 

Then there’s Dionna’s Birthday Dinner at Todai. Totally made the right decision skipping lunch for this extensive buffet! Whee my stomach’s a bottomless pit!

Doesn’t my princess D look exceptionally beautiful today? A pity she was too busy munching food all night long we only managed one miserable photo together!

Time to catch a wink & rest up for the multiple shoots lasting till Friday! On a side note, I’m so excited my BFF from LA’s on her way back to our sunny shores! I miss how she bugs me for massive chicken rice attack on an everyday basis! Goodnight!

getting back on track

I’ve been so caught up with activities, then again that’s not a good excuse! Finally found the time to do a proper update on the apparels, I’m sorry you had to wait this long! I have this bad habit of doing things only when I’m in the mood to!To make up for the long wait, this is one super long post packed with separate pieces your close-to-explosion wardrobe would make way for. Let’s shop away!

Photography by Unikly.B

$49.00 (jacket)


love is all around.

$45.00 (cape)


let’s play it cool.

$39.00 (cardigan) (LAST PIECE NOW)

ain’t no sunshine.

$39.00 (silk-blend top)


the relaxed edge.

$29.00 (frill top)

the way i see you.

$29.00 (cardigan)


the sweetest impact.

$39.00 (pants)


the instant energizer.

$49.00 (cardigan)


a part of me.

$45.00 (top)


give me all your loving.

$39.00 (skirt)

this is who i am.

$39.00 (cardigan)

the laidback mode.

$29.00 (sheer top)

take a chance on me.

$39.00 (pants)


you took my love.



the accidental crush.

$49.00 (dress)

the perfect sin.

$49.00 (100% silk blend shirt)


let’s have a party right here.

$129.00 (leather jacket)


living the moment.

$69.00 (velvet blazer)


the velvet vixen.

$79.00 (jacket)


taking it up a notch.

$59.00 (vest)


fade into darkness.

From my personal camera, sorry I was unable to do proper studio pics due to time constraint. Need to rush those advertorials real quick, my deadlines are nearing. Nevertheless, these pieces are available for sale too! Being the perfectionist that I am, I’d remove images of the items that’s sold out from this section.

$45.00 ( chiffon/silk-blend)


every reason to smile.

$45.00 (chiffon/silk-blend)


before i say goodbye.

$39.00 (long top)


i’ve got a good feeling.

$45.00 (chiffon shirt)


 just another ordinary day.

$49.00 (100% silk-blend top)


 when you and i collide.

$69.00 (silk-blend top+vest)


these habits die hard.

$39.00 (scarf-style vest)


locked in my presence. 

$49.00 (blazer)


 a night like this.

$49.00 (cape-style blazer)


the sign of being a rebel. 

Drop your enquiries & place your orders to .

all sorts of possibility

Was really bent on an early night today, hence didn’t think too much about footwear, flats it was! It all started with the dinner at Overeasy, so happy Stella was here for the weekend. Been so long since we hung out!

One thing led to another & we somehow ended at Pangaea till closing! Then again, this place never disappoints! It’s only a matter of time before we turn red lobsters equivalent, since I have the tendency to mistake vodka as water. What’s your poison?

Strolling around Marina Bay Sands in pjs didn’t seem like such a bad idea in the mornings since I’m incredibly sedated from the night before! Just had to take a picture in the most slack attire & dishevelled hair at my favourite place before heading off to Wild Honey for some English Breakfast.

Ps, I survive on a five-hour slumber daily. With such minimal sleep & feeling bloated from breakkie, I went on to do a blogshop shop for KISSLOCKE. First time ever & I had tremendous fun despite the humidity. Here’s a preview!

I especially love these pieces I’m tempted to get it in all four colours. Throw a blazer on & you’re ready for work. Tres tres chic!

Knowing how I could probably be hungover from the night before, we did a pitstop over at Starbucks. Nothing like how an iced green tea latte could resurrect me. Thank you Beatrice!

Who could imagine I’d actually fancy an outdoor shoot, sometimes a lil’ sun doesn’t prove deadly. I’m extremely pleased with how the photos turned out. Looks like I’m gonna be open to more blogshop shoots in the near future, let’s bring it on!

Upon wrapping up the shoot, I had the sudden urge to go for a carwash. I’m super random like that it puzzles people around me. Oh boy where did all that energy emerge from? I’m pretty sure the redbull from the night before has gone.

Time to tuck myself into bed just when everyone’s about to rise & shine. Today shall be the last day I tolerate this unacceptable behaviour of mine. Let’s see if I wake up a changed person!

One Fine Day with Five & Dime

Checked out Five & Dime earlier today, finally found the time! A stone’s throw away from my humble abode but yet took so long for me to explore. Heard so much raves about this new kid on the block & we’re just about to find out for ourselves!

Photography by .

Getting kinda obsessed with these Hello Kitty-ish frameless glasses as of late, I had to get them in multiple colours! Ain’t it so adorable? To think I used to be anti Hello Kitty, not proud at all!



The mushroom soup here’s heartily done I got overly engrossed slurping it & refused to share. My honey waited in anticipation for her good ol’ Fish & Chips (pretty yummy too)! We’re really digging this tiny eatery as you can tell! It really does feel like home, oh that whole laidback atmosphere!

The real treat’s the Mentaiko Pasta with Chicken Yakitori ! Friends of mine would know pasta’s not quite my thing, but this one has definitely caught my heart. Words can’t comprehend how well it’s done, you’ve got to try it!



Ending off with dessert, let’s see what tickles my tastebuds this time round. You Tiao Churros dipped in Dark Chocolate Sauce & topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. It really did sound like one weird combination at first, but the minute I took the first bite, damn was it sensational! What an unexpected twist!

Five & Dime is located at 297 River Valley Road. Gets really packed on most days, best to make a reservation!

like it like that

This almost slipped my mind, that’s the issue with having too many memory sticks, I end up getting kinda back-dated. I have them lying around collecting dust, please pardon this bad habit of mine! On a brighter side though, I’ve been pretty active in filling up entries I so deserve a pat on my back.

Here at Shangri-La where we’re about to help ourselves to a fantastic spread over at The Line. No I didn’t deliberately starve myself all day long for this, that’s the perks of having a hearty appetite! Yipee!

Ever since someone striked beed off his entire diet regime, lamb became his new best friend. Finally there’s no one to fight with over the dining table, you know how I take my meat seriously!

How rare of us to be eating sparingly today, well that’s just the start. When it comes to buffet, we gotta pace ourselves properly! That’s a valuable trick right there. Seriously there’s no rush.


Made it in time for fireworks, I was in such high spirits you could never imagine the incredibly long walk just to get here. Sometimes when you’re so bent on getting something done, not even a six-inch booties could hinder you. True story.

Ended up at Butter for the night where we never fail to immerse ourselves in the weekly vicious cycle. We might have outdone ourselves this time round with the vodka redbull. Jumping on couches two hours straight, wow that was one hell of a night! Why oh why do we torment ourselves just before bedtime!

Off to lunch with my honey bunny! Been sometime since I caught up with my girlfriend, she won’t be too pleased if I’m late. Have a good weekend to all!