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Was really bent on an early night today, hence didn’t think too much about footwear, flats it was! It all started with the dinner at Overeasy, so happy Stella was here for the weekend. Been so long since we hung out!

One thing led to another & we somehow ended at Pangaea till closing! Then again, this place never disappoints! It’s only a matter of time before we turn red lobsters equivalent, since I have the tendency to mistake vodka as water. What’s your poison?

Strolling around Marina Bay Sands in pjs didn’t seem like such a bad idea in the mornings since I’m incredibly sedated from the night before! Just had to take a picture in the most slack attire & dishevelled hair at my favourite place before heading off to Wild Honey for some English Breakfast.

Ps, I survive on a five-hour slumber daily. With such minimal sleep & feeling bloated from breakkie, I went on to do a blogshop shop for KISSLOCKE. First time ever & I had tremendous fun despite the humidity. Here’s a preview!

I especially love these pieces I’m tempted to get it in all four colours. Throw a blazer on & you’re ready for work. Tres tres chic!

Knowing how I could probably be hungover from the night before, we did a pitstop over at Starbucks. Nothing like how an iced green tea latte could resurrect me. Thank you Beatrice!

Who could imagine I’d actually fancy an outdoor shoot, sometimes a lil’ sun doesn’t prove deadly. I’m extremely pleased with how the photos turned out. Looks like I’m gonna be open to more blogshop shoots in the near future, let’s bring it on!

Upon wrapping up the shoot, I had the sudden urge to go for a carwash. I’m super random like that it puzzles people around me. Oh boy where did all that energy emerge from? I’m pretty sure the redbull from the night before has gone.

Time to tuck myself into bed just when everyone’s about to rise & shine. Today shall be the last day I tolerate this unacceptable behaviour of mine. Let’s see if I wake up a changed person!

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