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Good Times with CITIBANK

Let’s see what I’ve been keeping busy with & I assure you it’s nothing close to mundane & in fact a lot of fun! I’m sure lots of you use Citibank credit cards, I’m definitely a loyal supporter! The new Citibank Clear Platinum gives 5X Rewards for Online Shopping, Nightspots, Cinemas & Cafes! This is just one of the perks, I’d share more with you in a bit.

What really catches my attention for this is how it intergrates Social Networking as part of Product Feature, perfect for people like us constantly fiddling around with our Iphones on the go. The FIRST ever credit card to introduce this Clear.24.7 facebook app, basically you get rewarded with virtual points on your social activities!

By checking-in at places you’re at & sharing the perks of the card with your friends by clicking ‘COOL’ (Citibank’s term for LIKE). These virtual points can later be converted to Real Citi Dollars up to Citi$5000! Wow I’m sold.

Check out some of the Amazing Deals! The best part is you get to pick which benefits you fancy, hence you are not restricted, you make your own choices! This is really taking it to another level, you’re so awesome Citibank! Let me show you some of my good finds. I’m gonna ‘COOL’ the KPO Cafe Bar first!

It’s also no secret by now how I cannot do without Starbucks Iced Green Tea Latte! I’m gonna ‘COOL’ Starbucks right now as well. I love you Citibank Clear Platinum!

It even has a ‘Deal Of The Month’ Section. The most amount of ‘COOL’ would become the next deal of the month, so vote away, & get all your friends to ‘COOL’ the same one that you like! There’d be all sorts of deals every month, just keep checking to see what’s upcoming, you’d be surprised!

In a nutshell, the more you ‘COOL’ & ‘SHARE’, your virtual social ladder increases accordingly. There’d be weekly prizes for the top Social A-Lister, easy peasy if you’re always out! By the time 6 weeks end, there’d be one lucky winner who wins the Grand Prize of a Fun & Customizable party of his/her own worth $5000! I’m gonna be so active in checking in & ‘COOL’ whatever I fancy! I’m excited to throw an extravagant party, come to me Grey Goose Vodka I want you so bad!

Lots of ‘CHECK-INS’ to do, but I’d make it up rapidly! I can do my first check-in at the Citibank Clear Platinum Relaunch Party over at Zouk tonight, hurray! Major excited! Oh what should I wear?

Alrighty, less talk & let’s get down to it! DOWNLOAD the Clear.24.7 app HERE . Have fun & good luck with winning the grand prize!

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