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if the answer was yes

All of my favourite things the very minute I opened my eyes. It’s been so long since I woke up to such a lovely surprise I almost forgot how fantastic it felt!

Valentine’s Day Dinner at The Yacht Club.

Love how this place gets so tranquil once night falls. Never thought looking out at the sea whilst dining was incredibly nostalgic! I definitely want to come back here when time permits.

With that aside, this week’s proven to be quite a madhouse, so much so that it scares me to even look at my planner. Seems like sleeping’s not an option, yikes! Before all dullness attacks me, I shall undergo a quick procedure that guarantees instant results.

Was recommended to Cutis by a girlfriend of mine. I’m always in awe of her porcelian-like skin & now she’s about to tell me her secret. Big hurray!

My first attempt- The Enzyme Peel . Known to accelerate the process of the replacement of skin cells without the downtime of a chemical peel. Of course, chemical peel still works best for severe scarring. Enzyme peels are made from organic substances & it visibly improves the texture of your face in one session. Since this peel is not too harsh, you can do it once a month to maintain.


Cutis is located at 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #03-06. Do call 6327 9700 to make an appointment!

Later part of the week I did a lil’ shopping with my beloved princess. Ended up purchasing the same pair of heels, talk about great minds think alike! I might actually head back to get the other pair too, seriously contemplating.

Introduced my girlfriend to GloMinerals , in fact most of my friends have converted! This is one makeup brand that I swear by. I party all night in their Loose Base & it stays intact even till the morning without looking cakey no matter how many times you touch up!

You know how some makeup turns your skintone greyish after a few hours or leaves you looking patchy, this doesn’t for sure. Comes in pressed powder form too if you think loose powder’s too much of a hassle! It’s been 2 years & GloMinerals is still my life saver! 

Then there’s Dionna’s Birthday Dinner at Todai. Totally made the right decision skipping lunch for this extensive buffet! Whee my stomach’s a bottomless pit!

Doesn’t my princess D look exceptionally beautiful today? A pity she was too busy munching food all night long we only managed one miserable photo together!

Time to catch a wink & rest up for the multiple shoots lasting till Friday! On a side note, I’m so excited my BFF from LA’s on her way back to our sunny shores! I miss how she bugs me for massive chicken rice attack on an everyday basis! Goodnight!

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