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like it like that

This almost slipped my mind, that’s the issue with having too many memory sticks, I end up getting kinda back-dated. I have them lying around collecting dust, please pardon this bad habit of mine! On a brighter side though, I’ve been pretty active in filling up entries I so deserve a pat on my back.

Here at Shangri-La where we’re about to help ourselves to a fantastic spread over at The Line. No I didn’t deliberately starve myself all day long for this, that’s the perks of having a hearty appetite! Yipee!

Ever since someone striked beed off his entire diet regime, lamb became his new best friend. Finally there’s no one to fight with over the dining table, you know how I take my meat seriously!

How rare of us to be eating sparingly today, well that’s just the start. When it comes to buffet, we gotta pace ourselves properly! That’s a valuable trick right there. Seriously there’s no rush.


Made it in time for fireworks, I was in such high spirits you could never imagine the incredibly long walk just to get here. Sometimes when you’re so bent on getting something done, not even a six-inch booties could hinder you. True story.

Ended up at Butter for the night where we never fail to immerse ourselves in the weekly vicious cycle. We might have outdone ourselves this time round with the vodka redbull. Jumping on couches two hours straight, wow that was one hell of a night! Why oh why do we torment ourselves just before bedtime!

Off to lunch with my honey bunny! Been sometime since I caught up with my girlfriend, she won’t be too pleased if I’m late. Have a good weekend to all!

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