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Free Yourself at Sri Bayu Balinese Spa

Started out with lunch at PepperSteak Bistro since I was highly craving their Sticky Date Pudding here. I come here quite a bit when I’m feeling laidback, majorly dressed down in flip flops.

Excessive partying has left me feeling lethargic over the past few days, I needed to be in a relaxed state of mind for a day at least before history repeats itself! Sri Bayu Balinese Spa here I come,please let me escape to a world of tranquility.

Let’s take a look at the Couple Room we were given, perfect for bonding session even with your girlfriends! You don’t exactly need to be with your other half 24/7. Indulged in the Signature Traditional Balinese Massage, followed by the Boreh Scrub & ended off with the Jacuzzi Bath.

What sets the Balinese massage apart aside from the combination of techniques is the use of essential oils. A variety is used ranging from Jasmine, Rose & Sandalwood to the more exotic ones such as Cempaka & Frangipani.

It’s always good to spoil & pamper yourself especially after a long day of work. Let the experienced massage therapists knead away your pain! Sri Bayu Balinese Spa is located at 959 Upper Serangoon Road. Do call 6286 1006 to make an appointment!

Over at Junhao’s Birthday Dinner where two people are forever at loggerheads. Kinda wished I brought my camera along instead, cause a phone camera’s not comparable! Off to dinner now!

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