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Random Iphone Snapshots with a few of my favourite things.



In a typical week, I spoil myself silly with plenty of food to satisfy my hunger pangs. The places I frequent can get pretty routinal! Fashionably late equates to lesser options. One of my favourites include Ippudo Tao.


I love quite a couple of dishes over here & I’ve introduced a bunch of friends here & they love it as much! I can get over-obsessed with the chicken gizzards which I’m unwilling to share with anyone because it’s way too tasty! Selfish much. It’s really an acquired taste, you either love or hate it.


There’s also The Cut by Wolfgang Puck. The true Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef from Shiga Perfecture is so heavenly it literally melts in your mouth. Even the thought of it is sufficient to make me want to go back there again!


Blue Fin Tuna Tartare & Warm Veal Tongue for starters.

Filet Mignon (True Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef) & Baby Chicken for my main course. They have the American Wagyu too if you don’t like your meat overly tender it melts, but seriously the Japanese one still tops my list! Love how they’ve got an assortment of sauces ranging from mild to spicy.

Chocolate Souffle (best thing I’ve ever had this I swear) & Assorted Donuts for Dessert.

Went to check out NUEVA CUBA too! First time ever we’re totally cool with sharing dishes since there were quite a couple we wanted to try out & couldn’t possibly conquer alone. Also, we really love how the waiters were so attentive towards us, that’s a plus point right there.


Since we’re pretty new to this place, we decided to go along with the chef’s recommendations instead. We’d have taken forever to order. After all, the experts know best!

My favourite dishes are the Grilled Chicken Thigh topped with Mango Salsa & the Baked Mussels topped with Tomato Concasse. Extremely delicious I wouldn’t reject a second serving!

If you’re thinking about casual dining over the week, you should check out NUEVA CUBA. The places itself felt so inviting I actually sat through dinner cross-legged! Ps, I only sit that way when I’m extremely comfortable with the environment.

NUEVA CUBA is located at 70 Collyer Quay, Customs House, #01-03. Do call 6535 0538 to make a reservation as it can get pretty crowded at dinnertime!

Gotta get my daily Starbucks fix! To my dearest Iced Green Tea Latte, my day doesn’t feel quite complete without a sip of you!

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