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Skin Reborn with Beauti Instinct

My weekends are forever jam-packed with massive partying & being the ultimate vainpot, I refuse to settle for any form of dullness on my face despite the unforgiving late nights.

Remember I spoke about the Roller Treatment a couple of posts back, today I went back for my 6th treatment in preparation for my birthday party & even my friends are astonished by the results! My problem areas include the leftover acne scars situated on the jawline, this is one of the best treatment to lighten those marks.


Back at Beauti Instinct once again, thank you Rita for always coming to my rescue! I know I’m such a rare case of emergency facials! Let me take you through the different stages of the treatment.

1) Rolling to Perfection

Some of my favourite cocktails include Hyaluronic Acid, Gluthatione, Sodium Pyruvate, Taurine & Ascorbic Acid. I always believe in ‘no pain. no gain’! Rita would suggest which cocktails are more suited to your skin condition upon consultation.

2) Oxygen Infusion (Breathe to Beauty)

This works particularly well if you want instant lift because it soothes the inflammation by penetrating deep into the dermis layer. Even Hollywood Celebrities swear by this!

3) CO2 Mask

This mask accelerates your cell metabolism & gives a very good firming effect. I highly recommend!

What I really love about this Roller Treatment is how smooth & even my skin becomes immediately. Plus it makes my my face look slimmer & you can achieve a ‘plumped-up’ effect minus the hefty price tag. Check out how contoured my jawline looks in the image where I’ve got my CO2 mask on!


Beauti Instinct is located at 545 Orchard Road#03-14 Far East Shopping Centre (beside Hilton Hotel). Call 67339149 to make an appointment today!

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