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Win a Party with Citibank

Here I am at the Citibank Clear Platinum Relaunch Party held at Velvet Underground. Was starving by the time I got here it was compulsory to conquer the buffet station first! My cuz & I are such gluttons seriously, it runs in the family!

Since we’re here, we thought we’d do just one or two shots with the photobooth & damn we got over-addicted to it & hogged the machine all night long! Totally digging those GIGANTIC shades, they’re way too adorable!

If you haven’t already downloaded the Clear.24.7 app, you’re clearly missing out! I now check in to all the featured merchants using the app to attain plenty of reward points. The more points you have, the higher the chance to win the S$5000 Grand Prize. Be the Social A-Lister for the week for any of the next 6 weeks & you can also win prizes! Time to go around CHECKING-IN, oh Grand Prize please come to me!

Of course I’m not about to have all the fun without including you guys in it! You can download the Facebook app Clear.24.7 here , & start checking out all the deals every now & then just like I do. While you’re at that, don’t forget to CHECK-IN, COOL & SHARE all your social activities! Very soon you’d be having plenty of Reward Points! Time to rejoice!

Please LIKE Citibank’s Facebook page too HERE . It’s always good to spread the love!

Thank you Citibank for letting me be a part of this! I had such a great time. Furthermore, it now excites me to CHECK-IN to places knowing with each step I take, I’m a step closer to getting REWARDED!

It’s been a long day & I’ve less than 4 hours of sleep, I better tuck into bed before I see daylight yet again! Goodnight all!

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