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it just gets better

Woke up to the worst case of sore eyes & met up with my Princess D for a quick coffee at Paul. Thank goodness the redness goes away in a matter of hours or I’d be in such a nasty mood!

Lately, I haven’t been quite active here, big apologies! I’ve been kinda hooked to Instagram. Let’s see a couple of pictures from all over the place, because I’m random like that!

I also went for an intimate luncheon over at Buyan, the Russian fine dining restaurant & caviar bar. Russian Standard Vodka is formally introduced to Singapore & I’m ready to savour it the Russian way.

The icy cool flavours of this premium blend paired with traditional Russian fare from the much vaunted, Buyan has proven to be an authentic & memorable experience. How lucky for us to even have the company of Russian Standard’s global ambassador, Igor Gulburt – a renowned expert on the nuances of vodka making & vodka traditions.

Known around the world as a premium label, Russian Standard is the only vodka in the world made entirely in the birthplace of this well-loved spirit – Mother Russia. Without further ado, I present to you the six course of Russian fine dining.


Oscietra Caviar Served on Oladyi with Traditional Condiments such as Onion, Quail Egg & Lemon


Pan fried Foie Gras Wrapped in Bacon & Baked in a Thin Puff Pastry as Sung by Pushkin


Traditional Beetroot & Cabbage Thick Soup with Beef


A slice of Slow Cooked Sturgeon Served in Light Cream & Topped with Oscietra Caviar


Slow Cooked Beef in Creamy Sauce with Sauteed Chanterelles & Traditional Mashed Potato


Assorted Dessert Platter

Buyan is located at 10 Duxton Hill. I’m definitely coming back for more, food here’s majorly yummy!

catch the last weekend

Drove all the way out of town in search of some good food & we finally found ourselves seated so comfortably at Wall St.Bistro.

I love how my badass BFF’s spontaneous like that, ps you should see how she parties! Even I’m left speechless. That aside, let’s see what their menu has to offer!

Escargot on Button Mushroom

Chilled Capellini with Whelk & Truffle Essence topped with Caviar

Selected Wild Mushrooms Soup

New York Beef Strip with Herbs Potatoes & U.S Asparagus

Home-made Tiramisu

Wall St. Bistro is located at 1 Figaro Street. Do call 6445 5669 for reservations, it can get really packed!

Korean BBQ again for the week! You know how when it comes to meat, even the sleep-deprived can’t say no to it.

Oh Hyang To Gol, never once have you disappoint me! Today’s meat supply was overwhelming since someone has the habit of ordering too much, but I wasn’t defeated!

A quick change later & we’re back at a place that feels exactly like home. Mink I’ve missed you so!

Time for massive champagne showers & truth be told I was in such cloud nine I forgot how bad I react to it! Champagne’s my poison & a nasty hangover awaits me the day after. Who’s to blame?

Then there’s my pre birthday dinner at Orchard Central’s Nuoc. My first attempt at Vietnamese Cuisine, the taste of greens so overpowering it’s all so refreshing to me.

I really can’t quite recall who suggested multiple photo-taking & just looking at the film right now makes me laugh uncontrollably. By the time we were done with all that, our food has turned cold!

While everyone was busy meddling with the rolls (pardon me I actually skipped cause the taste of green still doesn’t quite settle on my tastebuds), I was gobbling the Beef Noodles! Very delicious I must say, strictly no sharing.


Always a blast to hang out with my favourite girls even if it’s just for a simple dinner. Didn’t realize how vibrant we were! We have to do this more often, I insist!

Ended the dinner off with my favourite pudding! Happy to wake up to a good start today, it’s time for me to shake off those lazy bones & start getting work done.

Be unpredictable with Love & Bravery

Random browsing online has got my eyes fixated to Love & Bravery. I’m not usually a huge online shopper, oh such irony, but I’m clearly converted!

Love & Bravery sets out to be all-encompassing, with cutting edge pieces that are avantgarde yet wearable, but also bringing in understated pieces for everyday wear. This is no ordinary online therapy, you’d be hooked to their apparels without a doubt.

Photography by .

Let’s see how I style some of my favourite pieces from here, I tend to not like things overly simple cause boring is not me.

1) Carmia Floral Blouson

Floral prints are all the rage now, even I couldn’t help but jump into the bandwagon. Although feminine is not quite me, this combination really puts me in the mood for romance.

2) Victoria Blouson Cobalt

Now this is my current obsession. It goes so well with pretty much everything that I’ve started stocking up on different variations. You might call me excessive, but I just can’t help it!

3) Venna Puff Sleeve Top

Doesn’t yellow perk you up almost instantly? No wonder I’m slowly drifting away from the monotone palatte these days!

4) United Colors Sweater

This has got to be my ultimate favourite outfit for a casual lunch or a movie date. I love how the colours are so striking it puts an end to all my monday blues!

5) Galactic Dress Blue

Don’t be afraid to take centre stage with this quirky mix. Life is all about experimentation & I’m having a lot of fun playing dress up on an everyday basis!

 Join Love & Bravery’s facebook page HERE ! You can also locate their stores at Tampines One #03-01 & Hitachi Tower (Raffles Place) #02-08A. Have a good time shopping!

make me lose my mind

I’m really not as nocturnal as you think. I need my breakfast, lunch & dinner at precise timings, you know how I spoil my stomach so bad! A typical day starts at ten in the morning & stretches all through the night. Let’s not even bring up the weekend!

Started out with fitting at Forever 21. Not exactly the chirpiest early riser though, I tend to feel better during the later part of the day always. Oh my goodness I’m so sleep deprived & it gets me so cranky I barely speak a word.

Fresh from Essensuals Evolution by Toni & Guy, check out the highly raved Brazillian Keratin Treatment I’ve just undergone. My hair was left to air dry without any styling products & check out the outcome! Apparently, the more you wash your hair, the smoother it gets. I’ve gone through some intensive bleaching before & to achieve hair of this texture’s too good to be true!

Lunching at one of my favourite sushi places- Itacho Sushi. Queuing can be quite a terror though perhaps due to the wide variety + reasonable pricing! No wonder I gobble my sushi so quickly as soon as we’re seated!

Next up, I’m off to Wella Professional for a quick shoot. Matters of the hair get me really hyped up because good styling could really make a difference to your look.

And you thought I was done for the day? Here I am at Gnossem for a photoshoot! Always excited to be here because the makeup’s so bold it transforms me completely!

Gnossem is an online shopping destination for all lovers of high quality & unique fashion around the world. Founder, Lisa Crosswhite sources for innovative designs by the world’s most exciting independent designers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of my favourite pieces from Gnossem!

Purple Printed Scarf & Crepe Georgette Pants with Purple Suede Waist Belt by Georgine

Black is the Night Skirt & Peplum Princess Blouse by Trioon

Black Laced Empire Cocktail Dress by Pepsi Herrera

Black Ruffled Ribboned Toga Dress by Pepsi Herrera

Dinner at DB Bistro Moderne right after.

I’m gonna squeeze in a lil’ nap before my Friday starts. Somedays I fear Fridays, it never ends before 7am. Redbull come save me!