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make me lose my mind

I’m really not as nocturnal as you think. I need my breakfast, lunch & dinner at precise timings, you know how I spoil my stomach so bad! A typical day starts at ten in the morning & stretches all through the night. Let’s not even bring up the weekend!

Started out with fitting at Forever 21. Not exactly the chirpiest early riser though, I tend to feel better during the later part of the day always. Oh my goodness I’m so sleep deprived & it gets me so cranky I barely speak a word.

Fresh from Essensuals Evolution by Toni & Guy, check out the highly raved Brazillian Keratin Treatment I’ve just undergone. My hair was left to air dry without any styling products & check out the outcome! Apparently, the more you wash your hair, the smoother it gets. I’ve gone through some intensive bleaching before & to achieve hair of this texture’s too good to be true!

Lunching at one of my favourite sushi places- Itacho Sushi. Queuing can be quite a terror though perhaps due to the wide variety + reasonable pricing! No wonder I gobble my sushi so quickly as soon as we’re seated!

Next up, I’m off to Wella Professional for a quick shoot. Matters of the hair get me really hyped up because good styling could really make a difference to your look.

And you thought I was done for the day? Here I am at Gnossem for a photoshoot! Always excited to be here because the makeup’s so bold it transforms me completely!

Gnossem is an online shopping destination for all lovers of high quality & unique fashion around the world. Founder, Lisa Crosswhite sources for innovative designs by the world’s most exciting independent designers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of my favourite pieces from Gnossem!

Purple Printed Scarf & Crepe Georgette Pants with Purple Suede Waist Belt by Georgine

Black is the Night Skirt & Peplum Princess Blouse by Trioon

Black Laced Empire Cocktail Dress by Pepsi Herrera

Black Ruffled Ribboned Toga Dress by Pepsi Herrera

Dinner at DB Bistro Moderne right after.

I’m gonna squeeze in a lil’ nap before my Friday starts. Somedays I fear Fridays, it never ends before 7am. Redbull come save me!

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