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Fashion-Forward With Zalora

The time spent packing my bags to temporarily migrating to another place has left me feeling jaded, but guess who left such a good surprise at my doorstep? All my depressing thoughts were dismissed instantly. Hello ZALORA, I embrace you with my open arms!

Online shopping’s latest & largest style merchant, , has finally reached Singapore’s shores. Carrying over 600 international & local iconic labels since its debut in February 2012, it’s definitely becoming quite a hit with fashionistas. Offering products across all categories for both men & women, shoppers will be able to create their personal style at any pricing. Even yours truly has gotten quite obsessed with to the point of insanity.

Hosting international favourites like Winter Kate, Ksubi, Lipsy as well as local trendsetters such as ELOHIM by SABRINAGOH & SUNDAYS, ZALORA is constantly on the lookout for more fashion statement pieces to satisfy all you fashionistas’ ravenous appetites! I had such a blast creating my looks with ZALORA seven days a week. You know how when it comes to dressing up, I’m quite the dareevil & highly experimental with mixing fabrics & designs.

Curious to see how I styled myself 7 days in a row with ? I had such a blast & you’d see why!

1) Estelle Fruity Patterned Pants & What Goes Around Comes Around Heloise Top

2) Yumi Kim Alexis Dress & BE ME Heels

3) Evie Tribal Printed Tunic & Vrinz Oxford Satchel Bag

4) Vero Moda Jean Jeggings & McQueen Heels

5) ODDS by Reckless Ericka Zig-Zag Shift Dress & Superga Sneakers


6) Lipsy Lace Low Back Dress


7) DOOTA Collective Tank Top with Beads

If you’re crazed about shopping like I am & enjoy fast updated new arrivals, you must check out ! I’ve spent days after days browsing & it seems like I have more items added to my shopping cart!

Alright now, specially for my readers, there’d be a 10% off your purchases with till June 23rd. Just quote AGRIVELTFAN at checkout! Don’t forget to check out their facebook & twitter! Happy shopping to all!

The World of Gnossem

Let’s see what been keeping me preoccupied lately. I’ve been in & out of Gnossem’s office pretty regularly because there’s nothing more I love than being surrounded by breathtaking apparels.

With Xinya’s magical hands at painting my face, I’m constantly being transfomed to another person altogether.

You know how huge of an obsession I have towards accessories, especially if they’re outrageous, basically anything but dainty.

My newfound love arrived as soon as Gnossem decided to feature Laruicci. Megawatt jewellery is what I’d like to call it! Bold on its own,  it’s definitely not suited for the faint-hearted.


Designed specifically for high-fashion editorials & international runway fashion shows, Laruicci quickly gained attention from top magazines such as Numero, Vogue Italia & Elle. Shall we start turning heads at the party with this 18k Gold Plated + Mixed Metal Pin Necklace ?

Even Beyonce Knowles had Laruicci pieces featured in her ‘Run the World’ music video, now that’s huge! Another addition into my must-haves – Laruicci Handcuff Bracelet. This piece is danger + glamour all-in-one. How genius! With that tinge of kinky to it, oh my goodness I must make it mine!

Here’s the lookbook I recently did for Gnossem entitled ‘Tempt the Devil’. Click here to see the full set of pictures! Ps, don’t forget to use coupon code agrivelt10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchases at Gnossem.

always there for you

Waffles topped with Rum & Raisin Ice Cream, otherwise known as the current dessert that rocks my world. Decided to hang around town a lil’ with Susanna before heading out to our girlfriend’s wedding at Ritz-Carlton.



Notice how my hair looks a lil’ different from the norm today, thank you Susanna for helping me out! I absolutely love it!

Seems like everyone around me is getting married & they all fall around my age category, oh shucks what if this leaves me on the shelves forever! That’s really a scary thought.

This was one wedding where the ratio of men to women was 8:2 , and just in case you’re wondering, our table’s the one packed with ladies! No luck with potentials as we’re all pretty shy, teehee! Attempting to be ladylike & all poised for a day seems to be going well. Epic or what?

Can you believe it’s been six years since I’ve known the beautiful bride? She was already a stunner back in the school days, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve had our fair share of drama back then, so glad we’ve grown out of it! Crazy how time flies! Congratulations Nira & Terence!

Everyone wanted a piece of Nirara, yours truly included! Isn’t it amazing how we all look so radiant in this picture & we’re all dressed in multiple colours!

Ps, if you’re interested in my mustard dress, I’ve got a couple limited pieces up for grabs! It’s part of my new collection but I couldn’t find time to snap proper pictures. Drop me an email at to place your orders!

Off to run some errands right now, I’d be back to post a new update tomorrow!

the story i heard

 Yes indeed I know I haven’t really been updating much lately, sometimes when your weekends stretch till the morning each time, it ruins weekdays pretty badly. Each time I try to recuperate, something else comes up. Excuses right there! I’ve got friends visiting 3 weeks in a row now & before history repeats itself where I’m confined to my bed from Mondays to Thursdays, I’m taking advantage of the fact that all I’m feeling right now is productivity.

This week’s collection is all things ferocious & over the top. Don’t be afraid to attempt a whole new different style because stepping out of your comfort zone is always thrilling.

Photography by .

$59.00 (Red Cape-Style Blazer)


when love takes over.

$39.00 (Metallic Skirt)

i will take over control.

$59.00 (100% Silk-blend Printed Top)


my life’s a fiction.

$39.00 (Black & White Striped Fitted Skirt)

let’s get this party started.

$59.00 (100% Silk-blend Floral Top)


can’t stop me now.

$29.00 (Yellow Fitted Skirt)

it’s time to speak up.

$39.00 (top)


a part of me.

$39.00 (skirt)

make me lose my mind.

$129.00 (100% Leather Jacket)

the engine of the party.

$79.00 (100% Silk-blend Printed Dress)


just like venomous poison.

$79.00 (Black Leather Bag)


the passport to style.

$69.00 (Light Pink Jacket)


don’t hold your breath.

$49.00 (Brown Vest)


watch you for a lifetime.

$79.00 (100% Silk-blend Printed Dress)


we could have a thousand endings.

$79.00 (Hot Pink Textured Blazer)


get your game on.

$79.00 (Royal Blue Leather Bag)


don’t let the music end.

$49.00 ( Black Cape)

there ain’t no exception.

$49.00 (100% Silk Blend Multi-Coloured Top)


feels like hollywood treasure.

Let’s see what’s also up for grabs, I’m really in the midst of clearing space for new items, the entire place’s quite a madhouse right now. Just in case you’re wondering, all these apparels are worn only once for the shoots. Images of the items that’s sold out here will be removed to avoid confusion!

$69.00 (Embellished Jacket)

what we’re waiting for.

$39.00 (Black Top with Attached Scarf)

it’s time to be free.

$39.00 (Embellished Vest)


dance the night away.

$49.00 (Black Caged-Style Heels Size 37)

quit figuring me out.

$39.00 (Chiffon-Style Dress)


time for some summer’ loving.

$45.00 (100% Silk Blend Beige Vest)

flaunt a fun ensemble.


$49.00 (Black Zip-Up Heels size 37)

the perfect touch.

$20.00 (Floral Chiffon Shirt)

in search of love.


$45.00 (Blue Leather Shorts)


banish the usual & inject the fun.

$49.00 (Black/Orange Open-toed Booties Size 37)

no degree of difficulty.

Drop your enquiries & send those emails to .