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Waffles topped with Rum & Raisin Ice Cream, otherwise known as the current dessert that rocks my world. Decided to hang around town a lil’ with Susanna before heading out to our girlfriend’s wedding at Ritz-Carlton.



Notice how my hair looks a lil’ different from the norm today, thank you Susanna for helping me out! I absolutely love it!

Seems like everyone around me is getting married & they all fall around my age category, oh shucks what if this leaves me on the shelves forever! That’s really a scary thought.

This was one wedding where the ratio of men to women was 8:2 , and just in case you’re wondering, our table’s the one packed with ladies! No luck with potentials as we’re all pretty shy, teehee! Attempting to be ladylike & all poised for a day seems to be going well. Epic or what?

Can you believe it’s been six years since I’ve known the beautiful bride? She was already a stunner back in the school days, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve had our fair share of drama back then, so glad we’ve grown out of it! Crazy how time flies! Congratulations Nira & Terence!

Everyone wanted a piece of Nirara, yours truly included! Isn’t it amazing how we all look so radiant in this picture & we’re all dressed in multiple colours!

Ps, if you’re interested in my mustard dress, I’ve got a couple limited pieces up for grabs! It’s part of my new collection but I couldn’t find time to snap proper pictures. Drop me an email at to place your orders!

Off to run some errands right now, I’d be back to post a new update tomorrow!

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