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Bringing Fun into Cooking with Cookyn Inc

Yes I’m finally back from a month long trip where curry was my everyday meal & internet was non-existent. It felt like bootcamp all over again where I had to fight time on a daily basis & instructed to look fab despite the obvious lack of sleep. And obviously I’m a survivor since my battery doesn’t run low. In fact, I’m all rejuvenated & so ready to party!

But before all that, let’s settle that huge craving first! Off to Hide Yamamoto for the KAISEKI course!

3 kinds of Seasonal Appetiser

Seasonal Assorted Sashimi


Black Truffle Flan with Fresh Sea Urchin Chawanmushi

Grilled Wagyu Beef & Bamboo Shoot

WAPPAMESHI Green Bean with Boiled Sea Eel

Almond Sponge in Coffee Syrup 66% Ganache & Kinako Ice Cream

Maccha Roll Cake with Mango Cheese Cream & Maccha Ice Cream

Of course some things have obviously changed like how I’m starting to gain interest towards cooking. That is shocking to everyone around me since the kitchen was never quite my territory & I used to resent it!

Thanks to one9ninety & IKEA, I had the chance to undergo a Swedish cooking session at Cookyn Inc & got to interact with all the lovely food bloggers!

Fret not, with Chef Mervyn & Chef Rayner around, I’m not about to set any kitchen on fire. It really helped that the recipe was so easy to read & comprehend. In fact, today I realized I’m pretty good & able with the knives.

We also attempted the Dark Chocolate Kladdkaka with Raspberries! You’d be startled to know I’m not one who’s obsesse with chocolates, but one bite later, I’m 100% converted. That’s how GOOD it is & so easy to create!

Now this is what I waited all my life for, I’m not even exaggerating. Once I perfect this cheese sauce, I’d be using it as my secret weapon! Never mind how sinful it is, we only live once so let’s savour all the way. It tastes so incredibly good I want to let it drizzle all over the baked salmon or any kind of meat right now!

I’m really starting to enjoy this whole cooking session. It actually feels so therapeutic I’m considering doing this long-term. Soon it’d be hard to get me out of the kitchen & the only place you’d catch me at is the market where I’d be busy picking out fresh ingredients. Don’t freak out on me yet, it’s just a thought!

It’s amazing how we could accomplish four dishes in a short span of three hours, usually my attention span doesn’t even go past ten minutes. But today surprisingly, I seemed like a different person altogether all focused on doing a good presentation of the Cold Shrimp with Mayo in Vol-Au-Vent Shells.

I even convinced the beautiful Cheryl Wee to create a domesticated-ish photo together with me on our first meeting. Aww look at us! Housewife-material enough?

So apparently I’ve been told I could consider food styling, told you I’d discover a hidden talent through this!

Who could forget how the last time I attempted cooking during my school days, the entire kitchen was filled with smoke I had the whole class gasping for air. Yeah they called me troublemaker. Since that day, nobody wanted me anywhere near their stove. But look what I whipped up today, boy was I proud of myself!

And now, the Baked Salmon & Potato Gratin is ready for consumption! The taste was so heavenly I just had to help myself to more that justĀ one serving.

I’m gonna domesticate myself for a bit to perfect the recipes & invite my friends over for a feast when I’m ready! Cookyn Inc is located at 60 Jalan Penjara, Garden Hub, Block O, Singapore 149375.

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