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live like there’s no tomorrow

The past week was jam packed with errands & this week seems even crazier with all my friends from overseas coming over for a visit! I need to plan a list of places to take them to, excited to be eating more than ever & getting champagne showers like never before.

I can only imagine how burnt out I’d be once the weekend’s over not even a lymphatic drainage massage could save me. Anyhow, here’s a couple updates on the week before!

Lately I’m not even bringing my camera much out, Instagram does an equally fab job & it’s majorly addictive! First up, it’s time to catch up with ZL & Ryan over movie at Cineleisure.

With my honey bunny at Maison Ikkoku & China BBQ.

Dinner at The Coffee Bean with Ben.

Incredibly euphoric with the girls at Butter Factory..

Brunch at Baker & Cook.

I love this place so much I’m gonna explore the whole stretch of restaurants along Hillcrest! Thank you Brad for the introduction!

Pre-Mismatch at Shokudo where I stuff myself silly with sweet treats aplenty.

MISMATCH at The Butter Factory.

Ended off with meat fest at Robert Timms. Feels good to be up early today & without a migraine. These days I’ve gone quite obsessed with watching way too many online movies. Let today be rejuvenation day!

4 Responses to “live like there’s no tomorrow”

  1. chloe says:

    hi agri! where did you get that purplish short romper!!! so cute 🙂

  2. Elaine says:


    I really like that purplish romper, can reveal where you bought it?

  3. agri says:

    it’s actually h&m kidswear!aww thank you!

  4. agri says:

    i got it from h&m kidswear 🙂

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