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there’s no stopping us all week

A short update on what I’ve been up to before I hop onto the next plane to KL again. Life’s been quite a bliss spent with my loved ones as of late despite all that crazy schedule packed with appointments back to back. I’m loving that kind of busy productivity, although it involves flying over to KL quite a bit.

Late lunch with my partner-in-crime.

Followed by dinner at Mezza9. We had such an amazing sashimi spread we couldn’t ask for more!

There’s also Louis’ birthday dinner at Cotton Bleu Bistro. Well, it’s been a while but I’m still loving this cozy environment & I’m still very much the ultimate hungry monster. Old habits die hard!

Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh after a night of intense partying with my sweetheart is always highly satisfying. In my drunken state, I still made it here without fail.


Ended the week over at Pepes Restaurant with Rye Rye.

Alright, I better get started on packing that luggage before my honey bunny gets all ballistic on me again for last minute behaviours. Taking the earliest flight out is such a bad idea, there goes my sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!

My new-found Confidence, I found it at Beauti Instinct

My partying habits ain’t foreign to anyone around, in fact my energy level’s on high all the time it can be quite puzzling to some. Everytime the weekend’s here, I’d be out without fail doing shots after shots and  it’s really quite taxing to keep up with me.

You know how they say excessive partying takes a toll on your skin, well it used to affect me real bad a long long time ago but not anymore. In fact it’s kinda unbelievable that I’m looking all radiant despite all those late nights. Well, that’s just because the results of the Roller Treatment’s too good to be true!



Today I thought I’d share with you my personal story on how I overcome my bad complexion. It used to be so ridiculously bad I’d plaster multiple layers of foundation & concealer over thinking it would hide everything. That was such a stupid idea because it’s so pore clogging & it didn’t help that I was such a lazy creature I removed my makeup without proper cleansing routine. Late nights + Studio Makeup + Alcohol + Bad Cleansing Routine = A Big Disaster.

I thought I was destined to rely on makeup to cover up my imperfections for a lifetime, then one day I was introduced to Beauti Instinct. Trust me, at the start, I was a lil’ apprehensive because I’ve attempted way too many treatments I’ve almost given up hope. What difference would one more treatment make seriously?


Hence, I decided to give this one last chance. I went on with the Silk Peel Treatment for pore refining & to clear out all the impurities. This really gives a polished finish & your skin feels squeaky clean right after with all the dead skin begone. I followed up with the Honey Oxygenating Treatment & Oxygen Infusion to treat my majorly dehydrated skin due too excess alcohol intake.

If you have uneven skin tone like me, you’d love how this treatment is really helpful in giving an even finish and unlike chemical peel, this has no downtime. As you can tell, my complexion was really a trainwreck & I’m the sort who comes back for treatment if I see visible results. When it comes to matters of the face, the slightest improvement would make me more enthusiastic in treating it. Each time I went, the better my skin got despite how much I loathe the extractions still. Take a look at how my complexion improved after my 4th Silk Peel Treatment.

This was also after the Snow White Whitening Treatment. Apparently, it’s highly effective in treating dull skin, as well as lightening superficial scars caused by the leftover acne. I can see my skin getting better with each visit, even my friends were very impressed with the results. I used to be so lazy in making my facial appointments in the past, but now it’s become my number one priority.


With my breakouts under control now, I got started on my first Roller Treatment to treat the deep scarring. Now this I must say is my ultimate favourite treatment to date, it works WONDERS for me. There’s a huge range of cocktails to treat different skin concerns, from acne scarring to whitening to anti-aging. Upon consultation, Rita would suggest what works best for your skin condition.

Even my friends and the people around me commented on how my skin improved vastly over a span of 6 months. Now that I’ve got my skin under strict supervision, I do my monthly Oxygen Infusion + Roller Treatment over at Beauti Instinct to maintain its tip top condition. Check out this photo where I headed to Astique totally foundation/concealer free. The texture of my skin has taken a 360-degrees turn from how it was previously before I started on my first Roller Treatment.

I never thought the day for me to leave the house with just moisturizer, lil’ eyeliner & some lipstick would eventually come my way. The better your skin gets, the more you want to lay off foundation/powder. Plus, I’m really embracing how radiant my skin looks right now. It feels really good to let your skin breathe.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how my skin looks with makeup on. When your skin texture is refined, makeup glides on so smoothly over it. It’s a perfect picture moment each time.

Good skin can become everyone’s reality with proper professional help. I’m really thankful to Beauti Instinct for saving me from my agony & giving me the confidence to step out during daytime with just sunscreen & eyeliner. Even my friends have started going there for treatment after they’ve seen what a job well done Beauti Instinct has done to my face.

I’m not paid to do this, but I’m sharing this with you guys in case you’re a party animal just like me & all that late nights have taken a toll on your skin. If you’re looking for a new revolution for your skin, call 6733 9149 to find out more.

Make Me Beautiful With ASTIQUE CLINIC

Have you heard how a lil’ something could make a big difference? I was introduced to Juvederm over at ASTIQUE CLINIC for the first time & a lil’ enhancement really doesn’t kill. All decked in full ZALORA, I was more than ready for some transformation.

I’ve always wanted a slightly longer face, otherwise known better as a V-line shaped face to look a tad more feminine. It’s just a personal preference kinda thing.

I’ve always wondered how different I’d look if everything was just toned down & I know lengthening the face could do just that. Isn’t it crazy how even 1cm could change your look subtly for the better? Super fidgety upon consulation because I’m extremely excited too!


My honey bunny’s so nice she accompanied me for moral support. I’ve nothing to fear now that we have each other! She’s one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve known in my life inside out.


You know how girls being girls, we’re all vain creatures, so she thought of doing a lil’ enhancement too! Fuller lips she asked for, fuller lips she shall get!

Let’s get started already! Of course, we’re obviously not as gungho as I thought. We requested to be on the numbing cream a lil’ longer than the assigned time because we really didn’t know what to expect. I’m gonna go first, so let’s take a look at the process!


I decided to give Botox a shot too to make the face more asymmetrical with my newly prominent chin done! My left jaw has always been more chiseled & since I was all for the dainty look, I thought why not?

Next came Sarah’s turn & she’s totally trembling with excitement!

Look at the newly revamped me with perfect V-shaped face & zero bruising! This feels like an immediate confidence booster with absolutely no pain. The outcome was even better than what I expected. I’m definitely sold! Seriously, what am I to do without ASTIQUE CLINIC?

Three weeks later, here’s how the Botox & Chin Fillers settle on my face. So many compliments I’ve heard about how I look I’m starting to blush! It’s pretty damn amazing because you look noticeably better but nobody could quite figure out what you’ve done until you tell them! Thank you so much Dr Matthew Yap!

Let’s also not forget how ravishing my honey looks after the Lip Fillers too! A tad sultry but still very natural-looking!

Looking good can now be achieve in less than fifteen minutes flat without going under the knife & with no downtime. Any minimal bruising can easily be covered with powder, so that’s the least of my worries! Please like ASTIQUE’S facebook page HERE.

ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 391 Orchard Road #05-35 Ngee Ann City Podium Tower Singapore 238872. Call 6732 3801 for any enquiries!