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there’s no stopping us all week

A short update on what I’ve been up to before I hop onto the next plane to KL again. Life’s been quite a bliss spent with my loved ones as of late despite all that crazy schedule packed with appointments back to back. I’m loving that kind of busy productivity, although it involves flying over to KL quite a bit.

Late lunch with my partner-in-crime.

Followed by dinner at Mezza9. We had such an amazing sashimi spread we couldn’t ask for more!

There’s also Louis’ birthday dinner at Cotton Bleu Bistro. Well, it’s been a while but I’m still loving this cozy environment & I’m still very much the ultimate hungry monster. Old habits die hard!

Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh after a night of intense partying with my sweetheart is always highly satisfying. In my drunken state, I still made it here without fail.


Ended the week over at Pepes Restaurant with Rye Rye.

Alright, I better get started on packing that luggage before my honey bunny gets all ballistic on me again for last minute behaviours. Taking the earliest flight out is such a bad idea, there goes my sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!

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