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set me on fire

Let’s see what I’ve been up to ever since I got back from China. I brought so much memories back here I can’t wait to share them with you guys. In all honesty, China was incredibly amazing & I think I coul seriously migrate there. My folks won’t be too pleased to hear that I’m planning my next visit there already in the coming month.

One visit was just not enough to explore all the places I’m dying to see. Sorry for keeping this space empty for so long, I promise it’s unintentional. Let me make it up to you by doing a power picture post.

Moluccas Room Dinner at Marina Bay Sands.

Now that I’m back, I’ve gotten a tad domesticated & did a stay home weekend working on Word Search. My friends are desperately trying to get the party animal out of me again. I’m beyond cure.

Where has this hyperactive night owl gone? Here I was at Zouk KL with my girl Chels & my lover Rah Rah. Weirdly, just looking at these pictures makes me miss those badass days. Oh gosh, age is catching up on me!

Magosaburou Japanese BBQ Dinner with Rye Rye.

Our habit of ordering way too much never ends, despite that I’m so glad we’re no victims of food wastage. When it comes to meat, I lick my plates real clean.

Check out all that amount of meat we’re consuming! I think my friends secretly hate me, because I forbid any of them to diet. Most of my time is spent eating I hardly have time to exercise!

Goofing around with Per on set. This woman is crazier than I am & I love it. TheĀ perks of having a Redbull minibar right smack in the living room.

Lunch at Magosaburou Japanese BBQ again later in the week. This is seriously my favourite place to eat right now. I just can’t get enough.

No time to change my attire & I’m off to dinner at Bar’75 with my sweetheart. We’re about to sink our teeth into some good ol’ Oktoberfest Menu. Think traditional German Cuisine deconstructed & put together with a hint of contemporary flair for the bar-goer with a discerning palate. My tummy is in for a treat!

I’m keeping the Trilogy of ‘Wurst’ Platter all to myself. It’s a platter consisting of three types of German Sausages : Spicy, Smoked & Herbs ‘Wursts’. And the best way to enjoy it? Alongside with mustard plus a side of sauerkrauts & mash potatoes! Today nobody shall complain about food overload!

I also loved the Bacon & Beef Roulade. It’s a traditional German dish which is essentially ‘citrus’ Sauerkrauts wrapped with beautifully browned Pork Bacon & Thin Beef Slives. Crispy Pork Knuckle with Sauerkrauts is also a crowd’s favourite. It’s my first attempt at it & I must say it’s incredibly tasty.

Bar’75 is located at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Level 2. Call 6823 5355 for reservations.

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