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I love my weekends simply because I get to chill out with my favourite people without any time constraints. Plus this weekend’s my Rah Rah’s birthday, the only thing that she needs to be worried about is staying sober till six in the morning! Yes I’m evil.

Hanging out with my sweetheart on Friday night after our cute-esque shoot in twin outfits. It’s been a long time since our feet felt the ultimate comfort in sneakers. Stay tuned to the new collection mid week!




Getting all prepped up for dindin on Saturday & we’re always arriving later than expected because we start rummaging through my stash & taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow. Pauline’s so smart to come over together with Marlene, can you imagine how starved they’d be had they been in the restaurant first?

Decided to give this new eatery located alongside Clarke Quay a shot. Fern & Kiwi here we come!

By the time I got here, my level of hunger has hit its maximum so I literally just felt like ordering everything that’s on the menu. Bad habits die hard, it’s true! Thank goodness for sane friends. Let’s take a look at our choice of mains shall we?

New Zealand Sea Run Salmon Fillet, Chicken Supreme, ‘Pure South’ New Zealand Beef Fillet to share while yours truly had an Otago Loin of Venison all to herself. That’s why I’m always referred to as a glutton, I won’t deny.

No matter how full we are, there’s always room for desserts. The boy & I had the Trio of Mini Ice Cream Cones which I loved so much. We were literally fighting over the flavours. Pauline & Marlene had the Moro Bar & Kahlua Cheesecake. It was pretty unique in my opinion with the ginger syrup & the orange mint salad.

Let’s come back for more next time, there’s still a lot of desserts on the menu I’m dying to try, such a pity they run out so quickly due to popular demand!

Alas, my weekend’s always such a joy with Princess D around even if it means goofing around all day & staying in to eat my Kimchi noodles while fixing crossword puzzles. Off to catch a movie now!

An Evening of Smart Luxury with Gc

 Here I am at the Marina Square Central Atrium for an evening cocktail & photographic event hosted by the Swiss Made watch brand Gc with the BFF. Thank you ClubCouture for your amazing mustard dress, I absolutely love it. How impressed were we with ourselves for reaching on time & not missing a single segment. Bravo!

Gc is a brand created by lifestyle visionary and founder of the GUESS empire, Paul Marciano, whose own personal luxury was to create this successful Swiss Made watch brand which combines both the savoir-faire of Swiss watchmaking & the remarkable design statement of fashion for which he is renowned.

Champagnes aplenty with gold flakes, oh what a nice sight! Maison Ikkoku makes some of the finest cocktails, we’re definitely excited to attempt some of the newer creations! Never boring & always full of surprises. Maybe I should go slow on the cocktails, or I’d be caught doing silly things once again.

With the brand’s attention to details, each well-crafted Gc timepiece becomes an elegant fusion of classic European design & quality Swiss watch making. Let’s take a look at some of the watches in store shall we?

Decisions decisions decisions! So many beautiful ones caught my eyes how am I supposed to choose?

Notice what’s lacking in my coordinated look? My wrist is bare & it feels empty without a lil’ something. Let’s see which timepiece I’m about to accessorize my wrist with in a bit! I know most of you would dainty’s quite my thing, but I’m clearly the opposite.

A watch is no longer an ordinary something in today’s society. Rather, it’s a statement of female empowerment.

Super satisfied with what I eventually settled on. Picked one from the men’s range & had it customized to fit my small wrist. It’s such a beauty I can’t keep my eyes off it!

You can also check out Gc Femme timepieces should you prefer something towards the delicate side. The range at Gc is so extensive you’re bound to find something that your heart desires.

Off to my super late lunch now, my stomach’s been grumbling non-stop it’s time I put an end to its suffering!

Widen Your Palate with Noodles

Guess where Princess Dionna & I are about to explore today to satisfy our food cravings? A new noodle destination awaits us at Orchard Hotel & we’re extremely excited to try out its brand new menu! Hello Noodles, I’m so ready to be bowled over by you.

For starters, we had the Stewed Beef Brisket & Tendon which I absolutely loved so much I had to shamelessly ask for another portion! The Prawn Wanton in Superior Broth was equally rich in flavour too. I don’t usually finish my soup but this one I had to gulp it down despite it being piping hot! Yes it was that good. 

I kindly offered Dionna my Marinated Black Fungus with Wasabi & Cucumber Pickles because she’s such a health freak. If there’s one thing she can’t resist, it’s the greens. We’re total opposites!

Chef Xu has introduced his specialty – ‘Dragon Beard’ Handmade La Mian, to put simply it’s very fine noodles put together & made with his special mix of three different flours to create that unique texture of extremely thin noodles to tantalize your tastebuds.

Now, I’d like very much to enjoy my Noodles with Fresh Tomatoes and Eggs & the all-time favourite Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles. Please excuse me if I appear curt at lunch, it’s really not intentional! I’m just usually too busy burying myself in food I can barely hold a conversation.

Always nice to end a hearty lunch with a bowl of Bubur Pulut Hitam for dessert! Thank you so much Amy, Shaun & Valerie for the invite! You’re such gracious hosts we had such a fantastic time. Definitely coming back soon!

Enjoy bowls of affordable, slurp-worthy Handmade Cantonese noodles freshly cooked with quality ingredients! Noodles is located at Orchard Hotel. Please call 6739 6565 to make reservations.

A Great Fun Meal With MooJaa

Had just wrapped up a shoot earlier & was starving by then. We were already grumpy from the lack of food & about to erupt. Definitely not a nice sight to bicker on the streets. MooJaa to our rescue!

Who knew Keong Saik Road was filled with hidden gems? With Moo Ka Ta outlets popping all over the island, we decided to jump on the bandwagon to see what’s the craze all about!Today I’ve got my eyes on MooJaa!

Moo Ka Ta literally means ‘Pork Skillet’ in Thai and refers to the special cooking apparatus created to enjoy both barbecue & hot pot at the same time.

A trough of soup sits on a crock of charcoal, and a dome shaped grill is placed on the trough, allowing the smoke from the charcoal to waft up to the grill, perfuming the meats with some seriously fragrant wok’s breath.

A must-try here is their signature Cheese Balls, crispy at the first bite & subsequently when the warm cheese oozes out, it melts in your mouth slowly. Super awesome to the max!

If you’re health conscious, you’re gonna love MooJaa. Oxidized, clumpy meat exposed to room temperature should be the least of your concerns! Ingredients here are super fresh because the Head Chef News personally handpicks the seafood & meat every morning & marinates it with her secret recipe that is MSG free.

Aside from that, only quality Binchotan Japanese Charcoal is used here. Let’s not worry about soot getting into our food!

A cube of pork lard is placed at the top of the dome. Whilst waiting for it to melt into unctuous fatty goodness, you can always sip on the homemade Thai Iced Tea, definitely my favourite, with the sweetness done to perfection.

The pork lard step is essential because it adds such great fragrance & crisp to the meat barbecued on the dome. Boy am I excited to sink my teeth into the tender & juicy meat! Don’t you dare steal mine!

Five minutes into my dinner at MooJaa, I actually thought I was enjoying my barbeque & hot-pot in a bustling eatery in one of Bangkok’s many streets. Felt right at home here!

Another must-try is the two popular dipping sauces Head Chef News prepares from scratch with 31 different ingredients. The sauce involves six straight hours of non-stop stirring so that it doesn’t char or burn. Wow I can never have that kind of patience.

Plus, it’s made fresh weekly in small batches so it doesn’t go stale. The Spicy BBQ & Sweet Sour Seafood Sauce are full of tangy, umami flavours that enhances the good quality meat. Definitely no store bought variety for MooJaa’s diners.

Those squeamish about smelling like meat after a night out, don’t fret! MooJaa’s in-table ventilation system prevents the smoke from even reaching your face, perfect for vainpots like me. The fully air-conditioned restaurant also keeps you cool for as long as you like. Hurray to no ugly sweat patches!

MooJaa also offers more upmarket options for those with discerning palates – Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef are available for you to Moo Ka Ta. No luncheon meat or cheap hot dogs- instead, expect Hokkaido Scallops and Surimi Crab Sticks all of which we had! Eat like a king & make merry like there’s no tomorrow.

We came here as hungry monsters & left as highly satisfied diners! Friends of ours that we’ve recommended here gave the thumbs up too. MooJaa doesn’t disappoint! It’s always a great fun meal with your loved ones when you’re here.

MooJaa is located at 25 Keong Saik Road. Please call 6536 4780 for reservations!