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I love my weekends simply because I get to chill out with my favourite people without any time constraints. Plus this weekend’s my Rah Rah’s birthday, the only thing that she needs to be worried about is staying sober till six in the morning! Yes I’m evil.

Hanging out with my sweetheart on Friday night after our cute-esque shoot in twin outfits. It’s been a long time since our feet felt the ultimate comfort in sneakers. Stay tuned to the new collection mid week!




Getting all prepped up for dindin on Saturday & we’re always arriving later than expected because we start rummaging through my stash & taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow. Pauline’s so smart to come over together with Marlene, can you imagine how starved they’d be had they been in the restaurant first?

Decided to give this new eatery located alongside Clarke Quay a shot. Fern & Kiwi here we come!

By the time I got here, my level of hunger has hit its maximum so I literally just felt like ordering everything that’s on the menu. Bad habits die hard, it’s true! Thank goodness for sane friends. Let’s take a look at our choice of mains shall we?

New Zealand Sea Run Salmon Fillet, Chicken Supreme, ‘Pure South’ New Zealand Beef Fillet to share while yours truly had an Otago Loin of Venison all to herself. That’s why I’m always referred to as a glutton, I won’t deny.

No matter how full we are, there’s always room for desserts. The boy & I had the Trio of Mini Ice Cream Cones which I loved so much. We were literally fighting over the flavours. Pauline & Marlene had the Moro Bar & Kahlua Cheesecake. It was pretty unique in my opinion with the ginger syrup & the orange mint salad.

Let’s come back for more next time, there’s still a lot of desserts on the menu I’m dying to try, such a pity they run out so quickly due to popular demand!

Alas, my weekend’s always such a joy with Princess D around even if it means goofing around all day & staying in to eat my Kimchi noodles while fixing crossword puzzles. Off to catch a movie now!

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