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Spring Into Style With TagStyle

With a cool dayjob at hand right now, my favourite stores in town have their shutters down by the time I knock off. I’m still a shopaholic at heart, so I’ve learnt to satisfy my daily dose of shopping online.

Of course, everyone already knows by now how particular I am with apparels. Those itsy bitsy details matter a great deal with me & unless intricate or unique, I probably wouldn’t take a second look.

They say it takes a lil’ bit of luck to find your newfound love. Lucky for me, I found IT. TagStyle is everything that I’ve ever wanted to fill my ever expanding wardrobe. You’d see why in a bit. These are some of my picks for the holiday season. I’m quite the adventurer when it comes to my daily wear. I’m constantly evolving into a different persona everyday & it’s a lot of fun.

Okay less talk & let’s take a look at what I’ve picked for myself from TagStyle! Are you ready?

1) Egyptian Studs Mini

2) Lurleen Maxi Skirt (Peach)

3) Sabine Marilyn Maxi

4) Cache Peplum Skirt

5) Tribal Tie-Back Top

PS, word is out that TagStyle has launched its standing store at Orchard Central #05-K3. I’m gonna check it out as soon as time permits! This weekend calls for a crazy shopping spree, you’re most welcome to join me!

There are no skeletons in the TagStyle closet. Only more ribbons & pretty garments to keep your weekend a tad more vibrant. Shop with TagStyle today.

Meat Overdose With Brotzeit

Black & Blonde reunite for the weekend again, this time round we’re not about to get involved in any crazy antics like on The Apartment Style Edition (boy do we miss that), we’re just taking time off to indulge in some good ol’ German food.

Rainy days can really kill my mood, but being out & about makes me feel way more alive than I am at home. At least dressing up keeps me happy!

First time visit to Brotzeit. We’ve heard how the pork knuckles were to die for & we’re really excited to see if if really lives up to its name! Don’t belittle our tiny frames, we can really eat.

I’ve been alcohol-free for 2 weeks now, no I’ve not gone organic style or turning into a health freak. I’m just taking a short break, but I’d be back to my old ways pretty soon. Old habits like to haunt me! Meanwhile, I’ve gotten addicted to tomato juice! For breakfast, lunch & dinner, I just can’t get enough.

Each time salad is served, I wouldn’t hestitate to put the whole bowl right before Clarissa’s eyes. She really loves her greens & I really love my meat. The sausages were oozing with so much flavour it was hard to stop at one, my favourite being the Weisswurst.

The Bacon Pizza was amazing too albeit a lil’ too spicy for me, but that doesn’t stop me still! I’m determined like that regarding food matters.

When it came to the Pork Knuckles, I was completely blown away. Upon slicing off the crispy crackling skin, the meat that lies inside melts in your mouth & is extremely juicy. Each bite into it feels like perfection when combined with the Sauerkraut & pickles. Damn this is gluttony moment at its best!

Brotzeit is located at Somerset 313 #01-27.

How glad am I that Friday’s finally here! What’s a weekend without some playtime at my place which involves messing with my wardrobe & taking nonsensical photos? Time to replenish on sleep now & party the night away with my girls!

Twice The Surprise With Pizza Hut

Christmas comes to us early this year, with our very first mini celebration at Pizza Hut. Thank you so much for inviting us to your Christmas Pizza Pre-Launch Party! This is in fact my first time dining in their restaurant, I’m usually quite the couch potato & settle for Pizza Hut Delivery, hence I’m extremely excited!

So it appears we’ve got a very strong team, we really know our Christmas Carols thanks to good search engines & fast fingers. It’s no wonder we came in first place! The competition was so intense there was no room for spelling error! Hurray!

A sumptous feast awaits us & honestly we were so overwhelmed by the sight of food we weren’t making much conversation around the table. Guilty! Our forks & knives were going on non-stop in a fast & furious manner. Pizza Hut does make the best Sweet & Spicy Drumlets. It’s been years & I haven’t gotten sick of it.

The highlight of the night was a live demonstration on making the all new Double Sensation Pizza specially designed by Pizza Hut for this festive season. Here’s some snippets of the process! Even the ingredients look so promising already, I’m just waiting impatiently.

Be awed by the Double Sensation Pizza, made with two unique crusts. With an inner crust stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage & an outer crust stuffe with 3-flavour cheese, I’m now blown away.

I sense some cheese overload & I want a piece of that right now! Boy I can’t wait to eat it the minute it’s out of the oven, in its piping hot state!

Let’s keep ourselves occupied with Pizza Hut’s other mouthwatering dishes while we wait! The Roasted Chicken Leg is so succulent I’m glad I have it all to myself. Damn it’s so hard to have a favourite with that big appetite of mine!

Alas it’s time! Surprise your tastebuds with every bite – only possible with the Double Sensation Pizza. Head down to any Pizza Hut outlets today or simply opt for home delivery if you haven’t already tried thie marvellous creation!

It’s the same old Christmas joy, now with twice the surprises this year with Pizza Hut. Merry Christmas everyone, let’s give our loved ones even more love before we wrap up this year!