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Meat Overdose With Brotzeit

Black & Blonde reunite for the weekend again, this time round we’re not about to get involved in any crazy antics like on The Apartment Style Edition (boy do we miss that), we’re just taking time off to indulge in some good ol’ German food.

Rainy days can really kill my mood, but being out & about makes me feel way more alive than I am at home. At least dressing up keeps me happy!

First time visit to Brotzeit. We’ve heard how the pork knuckles were to die for & we’re really excited to see if if really lives up to its name! Don’t belittle our tiny frames, we can really eat.

I’ve been alcohol-free for 2 weeks now, no I’ve not gone organic style or turning into a health freak. I’m just taking a short break, but I’d be back to my old ways pretty soon. Old habits like to haunt me! Meanwhile, I’ve gotten addicted to tomato juice! For breakfast, lunch & dinner, I just can’t get enough.

Each time salad is served, I wouldn’t hestitate to put the whole bowl right before Clarissa’s eyes. She really loves her greens & I really love my meat. The sausages were oozing with so much flavour it was hard to stop at one, my favourite being the Weisswurst.

The Bacon Pizza was amazing too albeit a lil’ too spicy for me, but that doesn’t stop me still! I’m determined like that regarding food matters.

When it came to the Pork Knuckles, I was completely blown away. Upon slicing off the crispy crackling skin, the meat that lies inside melts in your mouth & is extremely juicy. Each bite into it feels like perfection when combined with the Sauerkraut & pickles. Damn this is gluttony moment at its best!

Brotzeit is located at Somerset 313 #01-27.

How glad am I that Friday’s finally here! What’s a weekend without some playtime at my place which involves messing with my wardrobe & taking nonsensical photos? Time to replenish on sleep now & party the night away with my girls!

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