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Spring Into Style With TagStyle

With a cool dayjob at hand right now, my favourite stores in town have their shutters down by the time I knock off. I’m still a shopaholic at heart, so I’ve learnt to satisfy my daily dose of shopping online.

Of course, everyone already knows by now how particular I am with apparels. Those itsy bitsy details matter a great deal with me & unless intricate or unique, I probably wouldn’t take a second look.

They say it takes a lil’ bit of luck to find your newfound love. Lucky for me, I found IT. TagStyle is everything that I’ve ever wanted to fill my ever expanding wardrobe. You’d see why in a bit. These are some of my picks for the holiday season. I’m quite the adventurer when it comes to my daily wear. I’m constantly evolving into a different persona everyday & it’s a lot of fun.

Okay less talk & let’s take a look at what I’ve picked for myself from TagStyle! Are you ready?

1) Egyptian Studs Mini

2) Lurleen Maxi Skirt (Peach)

3) Sabine Marilyn Maxi

4) Cache Peplum Skirt

5) Tribal Tie-Back Top

PS, word is out that TagStyle has launched its standing store at Orchard Central #05-K3. I’m gonna check it out as soon as time permits! This weekend calls for a crazy shopping spree, you’re most welcome to join me!

There are no skeletons in the TagStyle closet. Only more ribbons & pretty garments to keep your weekend a tad more vibrant. Shop with TagStyle today.

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