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Twice The Surprise With Pizza Hut

Christmas comes to us early this year, with our very first mini celebration at Pizza Hut. Thank you so much for inviting us to your Christmas Pizza Pre-Launch Party! This is in fact my first time dining in their restaurant, I’m usually quite the couch potato & settle for Pizza Hut Delivery, hence I’m extremely excited!

So it appears we’ve got a very strong team, we really know our Christmas Carols thanks to good search engines & fast fingers. It’s no wonder we came in first place! The competition was so intense there was no room for spelling error! Hurray!

A sumptous feast awaits us & honestly we were so overwhelmed by the sight of food we weren’t making much conversation around the table. Guilty! Our forks & knives were going on non-stop in a fast & furious manner. Pizza Hut does make the best Sweet & Spicy Drumlets. It’s been years & I haven’t gotten sick of it.

The highlight of the night was a live demonstration on making the all new Double Sensation Pizza specially designed by Pizza Hut for this festive season. Here’s some snippets of the process! Even the ingredients look so promising already, I’m just waiting impatiently.

Be awed by the Double Sensation Pizza, made with two unique crusts. With an inner crust stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage & an outer crust stuffe with 3-flavour cheese, I’m now blown away.

I sense some cheese overload & I want a piece of that right now! Boy I can’t wait to eat it the minute it’s out of the oven, in its piping hot state!

Let’s keep ourselves occupied with Pizza Hut’s other mouthwatering dishes while we wait! The Roasted Chicken Leg is so succulent I’m glad I have it all to myself. Damn it’s so hard to have a favourite with that big appetite of mine!

Alas it’s time! Surprise your tastebuds with every bite – only possible with the Double Sensation Pizza. Head down to any Pizza Hut outlets today or┬ásimply opt for home delivery if you haven’t already tried thie marvellous creation!

It’s the same old Christmas joy, now with twice the surprises this year with Pizza Hut. Merry Christmas everyone, let’s give our loved ones even more love before we wrap up this year!

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