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as my appetite grows

Snippets of the previous week. Simple Japanese meal during lunchtime. Nice to get away from the extremely unforgiving air-conditioning at my workplace albeit awhile! Time to defrost.

Was at Absinthe with Pauline at the start of the week for some good food. It’s no surprise that our dinner usually starts really late.

Time to indulge in some white truffle! I had the Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops, White Truffle Shavings, Fava Beans & Hazelnut which was so extremely appetizing I wasn’t quite in the mood to share!

When it comes to eating, I just go all the way not thinking about tomorrow. Pauline’s always such a darling to allow me to meddle with her main course! Needless to say, I’m always the one devouring the steak.

Korean BBQ session at Hyang To Gol with my other half from Black & Blonde. Seems like we’re having an even better bond after the show despite getting on each other’s nerves countless times!

You know it’s funny how every food session with me makes everyone at the dinner table anxious about going to the gym afterwards, teehee! It’s only meat people, you need to chill!

There was also dinner at La Villa with Deb.

Simple chill-out time with Deb whom I haven’t seen in forever. Way too much to catch up on & it could go on & on till the wee hours.

Totally proud of the fact that we didn’t over-order this time round & finished everything to its last bit.

Thank you ClubCouture for keeping me lovingly clothed in your amazing sailor-style romper. It’s such a versatile piece which I could wear from day to night! Not forgetting how incredibly comfy it is!

Took time off to do a shoot with David Fo at The Organic Supermarket sometime past week too. Let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes. This shoot was a lot of fun!

David Fo & I make a good duo on & off work, he’s such a good sport! On set, he goes all serious & professional, just like a headmaster. We decided to go crazy and wear apparels that’s not quite possible with our humid weather! Wheee!

Alright, here’s some of the pics he’s sent over. I can’t wait to receive them all! Also, thank you Zhi Hui for creating a different makeup look for each outfit change. I love you transform me into character.

Heading out to lunch now, I shan’t let the Monday blues get to me today. Maybe I should dress up in a dash of pink to perk myself up!

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