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Healthy Diet at Real Food

After much persuasion from Princess D, I decided to give the greens a shot just for a day. Honestly, my body system is so accustomed to my carnivorous behaviours I’m not quite sure how it’d adapt to the greens. The last thing I’d like is to have massive diarrhoea because she’s taking me on a major detox meal. Oh my, what I have seriously gotten myself into!

This pure wheatgrass shot was so potent I felt like my system reached an automatic shutdown mode. All that toxins I’ve accumulated over the years seemed to be wiped out at one go! Maybe I should cultivate good habits & make this a monthly routine.

Since I’ve finished the shot Dionna specially picked for me, it’s my turn now to choose a special organic juice for her! I can’t even recall what it was, but I did ask the chef to prepare something equally detoxifying for her. Wow someone’s drinking it like water, that’s her face of enjoyment right there!

She’s happily eating her greens since being health-conscious is quite her thing. Today I decided to take it slow because I had a tough time picking  at my food. I tried, but my heart still belongs to meat.The Strawberry Banana Pancake was my only saving grace.

There’s an organic supermarket packed with healthy snacks within the restaurant which we absolutely love. I know going healthy is the right way to go, but right now’s just not my time. Thank you Dionna for trying to change me for a day, but life’s too short for me give up on all my favourite delicacies!

Real Food is located at 110 Killiney Road. Be sure to visit if you’d like something healthy for a change!

Time to restore my system back to its original state after all that detox process. Phew! Having a huge craving for seafood with no rhyme or reason today, Long Beach here I come!

So nice to catch up with everyone over a meal where we use our hands more than our utensils! Thank you Ziling for peeling my prawns for me. How sweet of you!

Friday’s the day to rejoice, plus my Rah Rah’s back in town now. It’s time for us to get started on patron shots & allow ourselves to let loose to Alleso’s tracks! 

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