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Sweet Treats at Epilogue Cafe

Uncovered a hidden gem situated deep inside this bookstore perfect for your cozy afternoon tea affair. Isn’t it nice? You could grab a cup of coffee after browsing through the book shelves? Hello Epilogue Cafe, I can’t believe it took me this long to find you.

Today I was in a whole mood of dessert-eating, not too sure if I went a lil’ overboard, but really, to me there’s no such thing as way too much desserts! Thank god I brought my partner-in-crime with me, she’s a sweet tooth just like me!

Had a Strawberry Smoothie & Iced Mocha to quench our thirst! Boy and I had to ask for extra sweetness & they did it just the way I liked it. Thank you Maye & Epilogue Cafe for having us!

Some desserts we absolutely loved- Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, Assorted Parisian Macaron & the Classic Creme Brulee. Today we were no doubt in dessert paradise, if only everyday we lived this way! Just in case you’re wondering, Epilogue Cafe does serve light bites like sandwiches & salads too!

Just when we thought we’re done, the nice people at Epilogue Cafe decided to surprise us with more! The Signature Affogato is the bomb, this I highly recommend. Thank you for constantly bringing a smile upon our faces!

Epilogue Cafe is located at ION Orchard #04-16. Have a good weekend everyone, I’m off to have a good time!

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  1. peixuan says:

    hey! =D cant believe ive always walked past and not enter! the molten chocolate cake looks delicious! btw, could you do a post on your makeup and skin care routine? your makeup is so flawless and beautiful 🙂

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