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my eyes don’t lie

Photography by Alexis Jim.

Headed to Jakarta right now for a shoot. Have a great weekend everyone!

Going Pore-Less with FREIA

 Excessive partying together with my all-meat diet has proven to be very toxic for any human body. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘You are what you eat’! If you really must know, I haven’t touched the greens for twenty three years. Although health-wise it hasn’t seemed to take a toll on me, complexion-wise it can be quite an issue every now & then. When it’s clear, it’s crystal clear. But when it decides to hit me, it comes in flocks & refuses to budge.

Then again, my job requires me to put my best face forward at all times, meaning even the minor imperfections had to be kept at bay. I have to restore it back to its tip top state before the problem starts to aggravate. Save me please!

I decided to book an appointment with Dr Harold Ma from FREIA MEDICAL AESTHETICS to see what could be done to attain beautiful skin again. At different stages in life, you’re faced with different skin woes. It used to be acne in the teenage years, then the scarring issues, followed by the occasional uneven skin tone. Thank goodness I’ve gotten all that under control for now.

Now it seems that enlarged pores have found their way to my face, particularly on the left cheek. Why oh why!

Upon consultation, Dr Harold Ma recommended the Medlite Laser Toning for my first visit. It’s proven to be very effective for pore refinement & pigment reduction. He said it’d help to clear my leftover acne scarring too. With my condition, it’d take about 5 treatments for the best results. I cross my fingers that the unsightly pores would look significantly better with each visit. Let’s get me all cleansed up & get that tinted sunblock off me!

Alright, let’s get started! Numbing cream was applied & left on for ten minutes. After which, my face went through a second cleanse before the treatment begins.

The whole process was painless aside from a slightly warm sensation that’s perfectly normal at some points. The thought of how much better my skin would look right after puts me at ease. I am SUPER BRAVE.


And we’re done in less than ten minutes! A calming mask is used right after to soothe my skin.

Look at how significantly smaller my pores look in just one session! Can you imagine what a couple more sessions would do? Boy do I love this Medlite Laser Toning treatment! Amazing how this makes my skin radiant too. Thank you Dr Harold Ma for giving me the skin I desire!

Check out these raw images with no makeup aside from a dash of mascara & liner. Here’s the left side!

And now the right side!

The first signs of aging differ with every individual,other than fine lines, enlarged pores could also be a tell-tale sign. The wonders of makeup’s undeniable, but using it to conceal all the time would just lead to super clogged pores. I don’t want to be over reliant on makeup.


FREIA MEDICAL AESTHETICS is located at 77-79 East Coast Road #01-01. To make an appointment or if you have any enquiries, please call 6346 7752.

let’s get out of here

Dinner at Il Cielo.

Craving desserts at The Cut afterwards. I’m so random like that & I’d go all out just to get my cravings satisfied even if it’s clearly not on the way. Oh well, me & my guilty pleasures. When in doubt, just order all that your heart desires!

Also headed to Pangaea with some of my favourite people from The Apartment Style Edition. Had so much fun we stayed till closing!

Super short trip to Jakarta with my girls, pure relaxation & strictly no partying. This was one hell of a crazy trip, it involved a lot of shopping, non-stop eating & ridiculously cheap but good massages. We had a 6 hour intense massage with no break in between we KO-ed immediately as soon as we went back to the hotel.

Battling the jams with Fried Banana Fritters to munch on made it easier. The roadside stalls make them way better than the restaurants! I assure you.

Yes I admit, my hair’s at its most dishevelled state! Would it not be after that much massage? I didn’t even bother to drag myself to the bathroom to wash all that oil off, major yikes!

All that aside, I pretty much just spend 3/4 of the day eating away. There’s just too many delicacies out there, I don’t want to be worrying about health issues at the moment. I eat whatever I feel like, anytime & anywhere.

Super hearty breakfast at Pullman Central Park, I made it alone while everyone was still in dreamland.

Here’s some of my favourite local food! I’m actually dying to take the lover here for a visit, but I’m quite sure the food won’t be to his liking. We’re entirely different when it comes to food choices. The amount of spicy hotpot he eats in a day is enough to kill me & the amount of meat I eat in a day still leaves him startled.

Dinner at HKC. I love how the interior looks we should totally do a mini photoshoot right here.

Time to tuck in, the hungry monster’s about to erupt!

A brand new day starts with yet another filling breakfast before heading out. Decided on room service since I was glued to the television.

Quick coffee with the girls right before a three hour body massage madness.

Back at the hotel where we start prepping for dinner extremely early. We run on a really strict timeline here due to the unbearable jams, it’s literally impossible to explore so many places in one day. Ps, doesn’t Dionna look oh so demure in her beautiful dress?

Dinner at Potato Head. We were caught in a three-hour jam on the way here we finished watching 2 movies in the car. Can you imagine how starved we were by the time we got to the restaurant?

I was in a state of euphoria the minute I got here, going slightly cray cray with the food. But hurray to finishing everything on the platter yet again! My stomach is really a bottomless pit.

Let’s not forget to leave some room for desserts too!

To think Dionna & I almost missed our flight AGAIN the next day! Even at the airport, while everyone else were resting at the airport lounges or grabbing a latte, we had to spend our very last penny on a foot reflexology. These two massage queens, tsk tsk!

Goodbye Jakarta, till next time! Oh boy I’m so exhausted I need to crash.

goodbye gloomy days

I’ve been feeling very enthusiastic in updating on a daily basis, wow what has gotten into me? Way too many pictures in my laptop & it’s probably a sign to keep my blog filled with them instead of tossing them into the recycle bin. Here’s some recent happenings!

Morning Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh Cravings straight after a full night of crazy partying. No sleep but nonetheless booming with energy I think my lover has thoughts of killing me sometimes.

Daytime at work where it feels like winter every single day! Not even thermal wear could help me, I think I need a fireplace instead.

Daphne’s Birthday at Gunther’s. Fourteen years & counting, I love you babe. Now I’m just waiting to be your bridesmaid. I promise you I’d turn up with decent hair, not blonde, not purple or pink. Dark brown just for you, sweet or not?

Weekend getaway with Princess D despite feeling a lil’ sickly. Didn’t take as many pictures this time as my hands were either way too preoccupied with shopping bags or I was passed out during the three-hour long massages. Yes I was THAT tired.

Possibly one of my laziest trips ever, the everyday routine was just a slab of sunscreen + eyeliner & I’m ready to go. But I did manage to eat everything I felt like having. Plus I really loved how our room had two queen-sized beds! Next time we’re taking more friends along.

Just had to stop by here to get my daily dose of Iced HK Milk Tea. Way too addictive!

Some cool finds while shopping! Can we patronize Baby Cafe on our next trip pretty please?

Dinner at Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine, this was definitely the highlight of my trip. Thanks for taking us here! Never felt so satisfied from eating way too much meat, in fact I’d love to have this everyday & I won’t get sick of it.

I’m such a tyrant when it comes to eating I forbid everyone from touching the greens! Eating red meat always keeps me so happy I don’t think I could ever go vegan no matter what happens.

Headed for drinks at Cafe Gray afterwards.I requested for a special concoction! Isn’t the view from Upper House so breathtaking?

Dionna took me here too where I ate durian pancakes like nobody’s business, never mind if it gave me such a horrible sore throat afterwards. It was worth it!

Combed the entire Harbour City to get these ‘Too Cool For School’ goodies for my face & how could I resist this MCM uber cute backpack. Question is, where & when am I gonna use it? It’s okay, I’d figure it out later.

Off to complete my never-ending chores! Thank goodness Friday is coming soon, I am so in need of a break.

The Apartment Style Edition

Reminiscing over the times in KL with Clarissa, we lived there together for a month & a half in our kickass pad which we designed from scratch although we could go back to the hotel if we preferred to.

We did some of the craziest things together, we got on each other’s nerves, we teared, we had the cold wars. No we’re not enemies despite all that never-ending drama, in fact we’ve gotten closer than we could ever imagine.

Check out the trailer shoot which we had so much fun doing especially during the pillow fight scene!

We did really enjoy being Black & Blonde despite looking all exhausted & greasy at the end of it all. You have no idea how many times I’ve knocked out on the bed before even making it to the shower, with shoes & makeup intact! Gross max.

We’re no interior designers but we learnt a lot throughout the journey from our mentors & had lots of fun goofing around with the crew especially Mark Arbitrario, my all-time favourite producer who’s like a big brother I never had. Let’s take a look at our everyday essentials!

Here’s our master bedroom challenge which we absolutely love. We learnt how to assemble a bed, learnt how to paint (I still suck at it), learnt how to sprint up the never-ending stairs at least a hundred times. I even mopped & swept the floors first time ever in my life, you should have seen how Clarissa stared at me in disbelief!

Yes we had to carry every single furniture by ourselves, with no helpers & no lift. A king-size mattress is NOT AS LIGHT AS IT LOOKS, this I not kid you. Climbing up four storeys non-stop almost killed us! And our bedside lamps are insanely heavy too we had to take multiple breaks to take a deep breath before carrying them again.

Here we are engulfed in a pool of dust from all the plastic wraps & so exhausted beyond words we can’t reach out for hand sanitizers. But it’s all worth it, for we adore the end result of our humble abode after the massive cleaning! Not forgetting how fit & toned we’ve become from all the heavy lifting & running! Let’s live here forever shall we?

More work-in-progress pictures!

Seriously the whole place was in such a chaotic mess we weren’t looking  forward to all that massive cleaning ever. Plus I have paint all over me which not even four long showers could fix. Thank you Clarissa for allowing me to serenade you with my love!

In-between breaks with The Strangerz & Design Divas.

Here we are almost done with cleaning up the mess!

Dining area’s now done too with our choice of theme being an engagement party. I was never quite the fan of purple until I started flipping through the Dulux Colour Chart. It’s such a beautiful colour!

Damn do we really love our sweet treats & chips! I came here not adapting well to junk food & ended up being such a huge fan of Chachos. I blame you Clarissa!

We’re guilty of fooling around on set all the time, especially right after we’ve completed our tasks. That’s Black & Blonde for you!

Even our favourite producer decided to participate in our crazy antics. That’s why we love him so much. How can we not forget to send love to Kelly Vaughn too! She’s always there to look out for us!

We actually felt so greasy in reality, having not slept in 24 hours, rushing through the challenge. A quick shower later & I seriously felt like collapsing on the bed. Exhausted beyond words but we had to get our game faces on & prepare for judging!

That pretty much sums up our AMAZING time during The Apartment days!

Since we were in KL, a catch up session with BFF Riaz Mehta & our mentor Jamie Durie was necessary! Decided to get my daily ice-cream fix before heading to dinner at Delucca The Italian Restaurant.

Auditions for The Apartment Style Edition Season 3 are now open! Don’t miss your chance to win your dream home! Look out for more details HERE.

Shopping Wonderland At TagStyle

Headed out early for a quick lunch at PS Cafe before I do some serious retail therapy.

Finally found the time to drop by TagStyle’s standing store at Orchard Central over the week. Boy was I booming with excitement to play mix & match with the beautiful apparels available here! It’s also such a joy to catch up with the founder of TagStyle, Marlene. She’s such a sweet lady with a figure I’d literally die for.

Doesn’t her store look oh so amazing? It’s done up in such a way that makes me feel like I’m transported to a different world altogether. And the longer I stayed, the more outfits caught my eyes! Please bless my pockets!

Shopping here turns me into a happy soul, especially with all that vibrant colours surrounding me. For the first time ever, my grumbling tummy is of second priority! Not to worry, it shall be rewarded handsomely afterwards.

Just in case you’d like to see my hot pick items upclose, here you go!

Skull Floral Shift Dress

Printed Mustard Top & Colour Burst Skirt

Huge Cross Thermal Top & All-Over Cross Skirt

Toga Style Chiffon Top & Salon Fitted Skirt

Printed Monochrome Leggings

I’d show you the purchases I got from here in another post right after I’ve got them nicely steamed! TagStyle is at Orchard Central #05-K3.

Ended with some very juicy steak at Porterhouse to put an end to my hunger. Yummy!

Hair Begone with Datsumo Labo

Feeling a lil’ on the sweet side today & decided to braid my hair proper for a change instead of having them all up. Damn my bangs grow out real quick it’s time for a trim! Guess where I’m excited to go today right after lunch at Shokudo? PS, on a side note, I’m glad to restore the music player back here while you scroll through the posts even though it might take a while longer to load!


Hurray here I come to Datsumo Labo, thank you Yuichiro Ohno! Truth be told, I’ve tried a couple of hair removal methods before & a lot of them were just not quite suitable for my sensitive skin. But I decided to give  this a try because I read plenty of good reviews about this place. 100% Pain-free & Silky Smooth skin & Super Affordable Pricings. I pinky promise you this won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

The only preparation you need to make back at home is to shave the body area to be treated at least one day before treatment which in my case is the lower leg. Then just lie back & relax as the therapist applies a cold gel over the targeted area.

You’d feel a slightly warm sensation as soon as the treatment begins. With both legs done, a cold towel is placed  over them immediately to tighten up the pores!

Done in under fifteen minutes, super quick & totally pain-free! The result is utterly smooth skin which I now have troubles taking my hands off! pardon the sudden narcissistic behaviour, but you’d probably be doing the same thing right after a treatment here.

Furniture & interior decor might be kept to its minimal here but Datsumo Labo’s hair removal machine is of world’s premier quality hence you can be rest assured that you’re only receiving the best form of treatment. It can easily go up to a five figure sum for full body hair removal at any other salons but over here at Datsumo Labo the price you pay puts your mind at ease!

No more shaving, tweezing or waxing for me! Datsumo Labo is located at 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #01-13. Call 6836 2140 to make an appointment today! Quote ‘Agri Velt’ to get 10% off!

Ended the night with a satisfied meal at Ambush. Goodnight world, I’ve to get started on packing for my KL trip with Rah Rah now!

the never-ending dream

Feeling this surge of productivity these days, with the severe mood swings under control at the moment. That’s a good start, it actually feels good to start facing the computer on daily basis again with in-between breaks here & there. On a side note, it was so much fun doing a shoot with my sweetheart in twin outfits! The shoot ended up taking way longer than expected because we took way too many random shots all in the name of fun. Now it’s time to shop!

Photography by .

$39.00 (neon yellow top)


 let’s catch the beat.

$45.00 (white floral pants)


 time to take a glance.

$39.00 (neon pink top)


 the way things go.

$45.00 (light blue floral pants)


 planting the seeds of love.

$45.00 (blue knit-style cardi)


keep you real close.

$45.00 (orange knit-style cardi)


 daydream on a hill.

$29.00 (sleeveless denim shirt)


 shut down to a whisper.

$39.00 (blue floral shorts)

the way back home.

$45.00(cut-out denim shirt)


 the weekend stroll.

$39.00 (yellow floral shorts)

 not just a minor detail.

$49.00 (neon yellow studded top)


i can’t catch my breath.

$59.00 (metallic silver jeans in S)


 make it last forever.

$49.00 (midnight blue studded top)


 beautiful & dysfunctional at once.

$59.00 (metallic gold jeans in S)


 let’s surrender to the night.

 $45.00 (red collar-studded shirt)


 it feels so real.

$45.00 (bronze metallic sheen skirt)

 you were made for me.

$45.00 (white collar-studded shirt)


small talks & kisses.

$45.00 (red metallic sheen skirt)


 move in the right direction.

$49.00 (gold fitted metallic-print dress)


 it’s of endless possibilities.

$49.00 (silver fitted metallic-print dress)


 high for the weekend.

Ps, if you’re also keen to purchase the shoes/accessories in this post, don’t be afraid to send me an enquiry too!

Also up for grabs though not done in a proper photoshoot way, just with my regular camera! Hence, images of the sold out apparels will be removed!

$39.00 (striped tank with frill detailing)

you drive me insane.

$59.00 (ivory fur & leather-blend vest)


 feels good to be in love.

$59.00 (skirt)

 best weekend escapade ever.

 Drop your enquiries & send those emails to .

Picture Perfect with ASTIQUE CLINIC

Remember the last time I visited ASTIQUE CLINIC for a couple procedures? I loved the after results from the jaw slimming Botox & chin fillers so much! I’ve finally attained the ideal V-shaped face that’s sought after by most women!

Months have gone by & I can’t thank Dr Matthew Yap enough for keeping my ideal face shape long lasting! In case you’re wondering, the type of fillers chosen for me was Juvederm.

I almost forgot I used to have such a short & wide face shape. Not that I hated how I look back then, but comparing then & now, I love how I look even better now. Such a vast difference in the chin shape & I feel way more feminine.

Sometimes a lil’ fillers could make your face look much more proportionate, I’ve always had a high forehead & with a short chin it doesn’t seem to go quite well together. Notice how the longer chin actually helps in balancing out my features? Oh boy what I am to do without you Dr Matthew Yap!

Today I’m back to straighten the mini hump on my nose bridge, although not too visible in person, but is really visible in pictures! I’ve gotten sick & tired of contouring it every single time before I head out or even having to edit every single photo so I decided this was possibly the best solution for me. At the end of the day, it’s always important to feel good about yourself.


Here’s a couple of snapshots on the filler process! Step 1– The doctor injects the targeted area. Step 2– Filler is injected to create the desired volume. Step 3 – The doctor will then mould the filler into place for a natural-looking finish. Step 4 – Final check to see if you’re happy with the results, if not more fillers can be injected to the area.

Within less than ten minutes, we were done with the procedure. Refined nose I like, no more unsightly hump!

He also suggested injecting some goodness just below my left eye to fill out the hollowness. I never knew that I’m already starting to have a depression line on one side, boy the doctors can see it so clear with their naked eye. Scary!

I really didn’t think much of it until the procedure was done & that area was lifted immediately & suddenly I didn’t look so tired anymore. Sometimes there’s only so much an eye cream can do.

Weeks after, here’s how it looks! I thank you Juvederm & Dr Matthew Yap for keeping the results so natural-looking & long-lasting. Ps, also special thanks to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the amazing photography! Hit up their facebook to schedule a shoot!

ASTIQUE CLINIC is now located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Do call 6732 3801 to make an appointment! You can also check out their facebook page HERE for more updates.

the little obsessions

Here’s a lil’ update on what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. My blog is a dead corpse but I’m alive & kicking. With my addiction to Instagram & my recent activation on Facebook, I’ve become way too lazy to keep the posts coming here!

Sorry I know that shouldn’t be an excuse, but really I’ve been having the craziest schedules as of late with outdoor shoots & meetings. Alright, less talk & it’s time to feed you with some photos!

Lunch at Annam with Jay Daniel & Ash. Best Crab Meat Fried Rice I’ve ever had in my life even though it costs a whopping $32.00! So good we had 3 individual portions, insane or what?

I also recently took up this beauty project together with my KL babe Chels which took all afternoon to shoot but was worth braving the sun for! Here’s some snippets from their website & some pictures on set! If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, don’t forget to check out Hermate for its incredible beauty device!

Loving my luminous skin which I must thank ASTIQUE CLINIC for. It’s not a secret anymore, a Glycolic Acid Peel is really a quick solution to erase sun-damaged skin & to sort out unever skin. Literally an instant goodbye to clogged pores with makeup buildup in a single session!

Of course, before you decide to do any form of peel, no matter how mild, it’s best you consult the professionals, because different skin types might not necessarily suit this type of peel. Credits to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the photography. More pictures for you as soon I receive the full set!

Recently discovered this chill place to just hang with friends over beer & uber yummy wings. It’s been around for a while, I can’t believe it took me this long to find out! Thank you for being such a good host Paul! Wine BOS is located at 787 North Bridge Road.

For advertorial enquiries, please drop me an email at . Happy Monday everyone, let’s chase the blues away!

Future Music Festival Asia 2013

Guess who’s making a trip down to KL two weekends from now? It’s been a long time & thank god my body hasn’t reached automatic shutdown yet. I’m all game for Future Music Festival Asia 2013! Together with my fanatic party sisters Dawn Yang & Estelle Kiora, we’re ready to party like it’s TOMORROWLAND two days straight. SWEET!

Are you a fan of trance music? Don’t worry if you’re not. This is one HUGE festival that features everything from electro to everything that’s gonna get you fist-pumping till the sun comes up together with 40,000 fans! Never mind the sweats aplenty, we’re all here to be a part of this musical madness & form some unexpected friendship. This WILL BE one EPIC party, let’s gather our friends, pack our suitcases & jetset!

Word has it that the lineup is FREAKING AMAZING! We have Armin Van Buuren, Ben Gold, Cosmic Gate, The Prodigy, Rita Ora, PSY & Temper Trap to name a few. My heart is already pounding with excitement this very second! It’s all happening at Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur!

Mark your dates guys! 15th & 16th March. There’s no other place you should be at other than the Future Music Festival Asia 2013. If you still aren’t convinced, check out this video of the Future Music Festival 2012. It was such a huge success we have people flying over to Asia this year to be a part of it!

Roll with us & forget about the hangover that’s likely to hit you once Sunday comes! Get your tickets HERE today. Are you game?

To prep you guys for this exciting festival that’s about to hit Asia by storm, let’s warm it up at MINK tonight with one of Australia’s most prolific DJ, Andy Murphy as we enter his world of award-winning electronica tracks. Don’t be lazy now & put your best face forward. I’d see you there tonight!