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Going Pore-Less with FREIA

 Excessive partying together with my all-meat diet has proven to be very toxic for any human body. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘You are what you eat’! If you really must know, I haven’t touched the greens for twenty three years. Although health-wise it hasn’t seemed to take a toll on me, complexion-wise it can be quite an issue every now & then. When it’s clear, it’s crystal clear. But when it decides to hit me, it comes in flocks & refuses to budge.

Then again, my job requires me to put my best face forward at all times, meaning even the minor imperfections had to be kept at bay. I have to restore it back to its tip top state before the problem starts to aggravate. Save me please!

I decided to book an appointment with Dr Harold Ma from FREIA MEDICAL AESTHETICS to see what could be done to attain beautiful skin again. At different stages in life, you’re faced with different skin woes. It used to be acne in the teenage years, then the scarring issues, followed by the occasional uneven skin tone. Thank goodness I’ve gotten all that under control for now.

Now it seems that enlarged pores have found their way to my face, particularly on the left cheek. Why oh why!

Upon consultation, Dr Harold Ma recommended the Medlite Laser Toning for my first visit. It’s proven to be very effective for pore refinement & pigment reduction. He said it’d help to clear my leftover acne scarring too. With my condition, it’d take about 5 treatments for the best results. I cross my fingers that the unsightly pores would look significantly better with each visit. Let’s get me all cleansed up & get that tinted sunblock off me!

Alright, let’s get started! Numbing cream was applied & left on for ten minutes. After which, my face went through a second cleanse before the treatment begins.

The whole process was painless aside from a slightly warm sensation that’s perfectly normal at some points. The thought of how much better my skin would look right after puts me at ease. I am SUPER BRAVE.


And we’re done in less than ten minutes! A calming mask is used right after to soothe my skin.

Look at how significantly smaller my pores look in just one session! Can you imagine what a couple more sessions would do? Boy do I love this Medlite Laser Toning treatment! Amazing how this makes my skin radiant too. Thank you Dr Harold Ma for giving me the skin I desire!

Check out these raw images with no makeup aside from a dash of mascara & liner. Here’s the left side!

And now the right side!

The first signs of aging differ with every individual,other than fine lines, enlarged pores could also be a tell-tale sign. The wonders of makeup’s undeniable, but using it to conceal all the time would just lead to super clogged pores. I don’t want to be over reliant on makeup.


FREIA MEDICAL AESTHETICS is located at 77-79 East Coast Road #01-01. To make an appointment or if you have any enquiries, please call 6346 7752.

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