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goodbye gloomy days

I’ve been feeling very enthusiastic in updating on a daily basis, wow what has gotten into me? Way too many pictures in my laptop & it’s probably a sign to keep my blog filled with them instead of tossing them into the recycle bin. Here’s some recent happenings!

Morning Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh Cravings straight after a full night of crazy partying. No sleep but nonetheless booming with energy I think my lover has thoughts of killing me sometimes.

Daytime at work where it feels like winter every single day! Not even thermal wear could help me, I think I need a fireplace instead.

Daphne’s Birthday at Gunther’s. Fourteen years & counting, I love you babe. Now I’m just waiting to be your bridesmaid. I promise you I’d turn up with decent hair, not blonde, not purple or pink. Dark brown just for you, sweet or not?

Weekend getaway with Princess D despite feeling a lil’ sickly. Didn’t take as many pictures this time as my hands were either way too preoccupied with shopping bags or I was passed out during the three-hour long massages. Yes I was THAT tired.

Possibly one of my laziest trips ever, the everyday routine was just a slab of sunscreen + eyeliner & I’m ready to go. But I did manage to eat everything I felt like having. Plus I really loved how our room had two queen-sized beds! Next time we’re taking more friends along.

Just had to stop by here to get my daily dose of Iced HK Milk Tea. Way too addictive!

Some cool finds while shopping! Can we patronize Baby Cafe on our next trip pretty please?

Dinner at Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine, this was definitely the highlight of my trip. Thanks for taking us here! Never felt so satisfied from eating way too much meat, in fact I’d love to have this everyday & I won’t get sick of it.

I’m such a tyrant when it comes to eating I forbid everyone from touching the greens! Eating red meat always keeps me so happy I don’t think I could ever go vegan no matter what happens.

Headed for drinks at Cafe Gray afterwards.I requested for a special concoction! Isn’t the view from Upper House so breathtaking?

Dionna took me here too where I ate durian pancakes like nobody’s business, never mind if it gave me such a horrible sore throat afterwards. It was worth it!

Combed the entire Harbour City to get these ‘Too Cool For School’ goodies for my face & how could I resist this MCM uber cute backpack. Question is, where & when am I gonna use it? It’s okay, I’d figure it out later.

Off to complete my never-ending chores! Thank goodness Friday is coming soon, I am so in need of a break.

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  1. Rachie says:

    Where’s the hotel at? Awesome to have 2 queen sized bed. It’s really rare in HK. 🙂

  2. agri says:

    it’s Royal Plaza Hotel babeee 🙂 even the bathroom is super spacious!

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