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Hair Begone with Datsumo Labo

Feeling a lil’ on the sweet side today & decided to braid my hair proper for a change instead of having them all up. Damn my bangs grow out real quick it’s time for a trim! Guess where I’m excited to go today right after lunch at Shokudo? PS, on a side note, I’m glad to restore the music player back here while you scroll through the posts even though it might take a while longer to load!


Hurray here I come to Datsumo Labo, thank you Yuichiro Ohno! Truth be told, I’ve tried a couple of hair removal methods before & a lot of them were just not quite suitable for my sensitive skin. But I decided to give  this a try because I read plenty of good reviews about this place. 100% Pain-free & Silky Smooth skin & Super Affordable Pricings. I pinky promise you this won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

The only preparation you need to make back at home is to shave the body area to be treated at least one day before treatment which in my case is the lower leg. Then just lie back & relax as the therapist applies a cold gel over the targeted area.

You’d feel a slightly warm sensation as soon as the treatment begins. With both legs done, a cold towel is placed  over them immediately to tighten up the pores!

Done in under fifteen minutes, super quick & totally pain-free! The result is utterly smooth skin which I now have troubles taking my hands off! pardon the sudden narcissistic behaviour, but you’d probably be doing the same thing right after a treatment here.

Furniture & interior decor might be kept to its minimal here but Datsumo Labo’s hair removal machine is of world’s premier quality hence you can be rest assured that you’re only receiving the best form of treatment. It can easily go up to a five figure sum for full body hair removal at any other salons but over here at Datsumo Labo the price you pay puts your mind at ease!

No more shaving, tweezing or waxing for me! Datsumo Labo is located at 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #01-13. Call 6836 2140 to make an appointment today! Quote ‘Agri Velt’ to get 10% off!

Ended the night with a satisfied meal at Ambush. Goodnight world, I’ve to get started on packing for my KL trip with Rah Rah now!

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