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Picture Perfect with ASTIQUE CLINIC

Remember the last time I visited ASTIQUE CLINIC for a couple procedures? I loved the after results from the jaw slimming Botox & chin fillers so much! I’ve finally attained the ideal V-shaped face that’s sought after by most women!

Months have gone by & I can’t thank Dr Matthew Yap enough for keeping my ideal face shape long lasting! In case you’re wondering, the type of fillers chosen for me was Juvederm.

I almost forgot I used to have such a short & wide face shape. Not that I hated how I look back then, but comparing then & now, I love how I look even better now. Such a vast difference in the chin shape & I feel way more feminine.

Sometimes a lil’ fillers could make your face look much more proportionate, I’ve always had a high forehead & with a short chin it doesn’t seem to go quite well together. Notice how the longer chin actually helps in balancing out my features? Oh boy what I am to do without you Dr Matthew Yap!

Today I’m back to straighten the mini hump on my nose bridge, although not too visible in person, but is really visible in pictures! I’ve gotten sick & tired of contouring it every single time before I head out or even having to edit every single photo so I decided this was possibly the best solution for me. At the end of the day, it’s always important to feel good about yourself.


Here’s a couple of snapshots on the filler process! Step 1– The doctor injects the targeted area. Step 2– Filler is injected to create the desired volume. Step 3 – The doctor will then mould the filler into place for a natural-looking finish. Step 4 – Final check to see if you’re happy with the results, if not more fillers can be injected to the area.

Within less than ten minutes, we were done with the procedure. Refined nose I like, no more unsightly hump!

He also suggested injecting some goodness just below my left eye to fill out the hollowness. I never knew that I’m already starting to have a depression line on one side, boy the doctors can see it so clear with their naked eye. Scary!

I really didn’t think much of it until the procedure was done & that area was lifted immediately & suddenly I didn’t look so tired anymore. Sometimes there’s only so much an eye cream can do.

Weeks after, here’s how it looks! I thank you Juvederm & Dr Matthew Yap for keeping the results so natural-looking & long-lasting. Ps, also special thanks to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the amazing photography! Hit up their facebook to schedule a shoot!

ASTIQUE CLINIC is now located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Do call 6732 3801 to make an appointment! You can also check out their facebook page HERE for more updates.

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