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The Apartment Style Edition

Reminiscing over the times in KL with Clarissa, we lived there together for a month & a half in our kickass pad which we designed from scratch although we could go back to the hotel if we preferred to.

We did some of the craziest things together, we got on each other’s nerves, we teared, we had the cold wars. No we’re not enemies despite all that never-ending drama, in fact we’ve gotten closer than we could ever imagine.

Check out the trailer shoot which we had so much fun doing especially during the pillow fight scene!

We did really enjoy being Black & Blonde despite looking all exhausted & greasy at the end of it all. You have no idea how many times I’ve knocked out on the bed before even making it to the shower, with shoes & makeup intact! Gross max.

We’re no interior designers but we learnt a lot throughout the journey from our mentors & had lots of fun goofing around with the crew especially Mark Arbitrario, my all-time favourite producer who’s like a big brother I never had. Let’s take a look at our everyday essentials!

Here’s our master bedroom challenge which we absolutely love. We learnt how to assemble a bed, learnt how to paint (I still suck at it), learnt how to sprint up the never-ending stairs at least a hundred times. I even mopped & swept the floors first time ever in my life, you should have seen how Clarissa stared at me in disbelief!

Yes we had to carry every single furniture by ourselves, with no helpers & no lift. A king-size mattress is NOT AS LIGHT AS IT LOOKS, this I not kid you. Climbing up four storeys non-stop almost killed us! And our bedside lamps are insanely heavy too we had to take multiple breaks to take a deep breath before carrying them again.

Here we are engulfed in a pool of dust from all the plastic wraps & so exhausted beyond words we can’t reach out for hand sanitizers. But it’s all worth it, for we adore the end result of our humble abode after the massive cleaning! Not forgetting how fit & toned we’ve become from all the heavy lifting & running! Let’s live here forever shall we?

More work-in-progress pictures!

Seriously the whole place was in such a chaotic mess we weren’t looking ¬†forward to all that massive cleaning ever. Plus I have paint all over me which not even four long showers could fix. Thank you Clarissa for allowing me to serenade you with my love!

In-between breaks with The Strangerz & Design Divas.

Here we are almost done with cleaning up the mess!

Dining area’s now done too with our choice of theme being an engagement party. I was never quite the fan of purple until I started flipping through the Dulux Colour Chart. It’s such a beautiful colour!

Damn do we really love our sweet treats & chips! I came here not adapting well to junk food & ended up being such a huge fan of Chachos. I blame you Clarissa!

We’re guilty of fooling around on set all the time, especially right after we’ve completed our tasks. That’s Black & Blonde for you!

Even our favourite producer decided to participate in our crazy antics. That’s why we love him so much. How can we not forget to send love to Kelly Vaughn too! She’s always there to look out for us!

We actually felt so greasy in reality, having not slept in 24 hours, rushing through the challenge. A quick shower later & I seriously felt like collapsing on the bed. Exhausted beyond words but we had to get our game faces on & prepare for judging!

That pretty much sums up our AMAZING time during The Apartment days!

Since we were in KL, a catch up session with BFF Riaz Mehta & our mentor Jamie Durie was necessary! Decided to get my daily ice-cream fix before heading to dinner at Delucca The Italian Restaurant.

Auditions for The Apartment Style Edition Season 3 are now open! Don’t miss your chance to win your dream home! Look out for more details HERE.

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