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dance with me my loves

Birthday dinner at Dozo. Prior to this, I’ve had an oxygen infusion done & even got my puffy eyes rolled.

Thank you Beauti Instinct for making me look so incredibly radiant & flawless! I can’t imagine how my wedding preparation would be.


Thank you everyone for taking time off your busy schedules to make this day happen, I’m touched beyond words. And because it was my day, being fashionably late didn’t result in any black faces. Phew!

My dear friend Junhao even got me some anti-hangover tonic just in case I wake up feeling horrible the day after Better gulp it down fast before I head to the clubs! Nobody’s gonna let me off once I’m there!

Daniel was such a professional photographer as usual, he was so over overwhelmed with snapping photos after photos he barely ate! Drop me an email if you’d like his contact, his works are AMAZEBALLS.



We couldn’t stop gushing about how beautiful the food presentation was & when we finally got to eating it, we literally went to heaven. I’m definitely coming back for more next time!

Hello my dark-haired beauties, you’re both looking so drop dead gorgeous in those red sexy numbers I can’t take my eyes off you!



Damn I just can’t seem to stop munching on small bites even while talking. I thought it only happens in my sleep.

Unwrapping a couple of my presents in excitement while waiting for more food to be served!



Absolutely adore the Karen Walker sunnies! Even though pink wasn’t quite my colour in the past, I’ve slowly grown accustomed to loving it.

With my favourite secondary schoolmates! Can you imagine it’s been THAT long since we’ve known each other! I wonder how our teachers would react seeing us now? I used to get into all sorts of trouble back in those days & Clarissa was my accomplice!

Alright, let’s spread the love & take some group pictures!

Way too many photos & I haven’t even gone to the cake-cutting part. Promise you in two days, meanwhile I need to work on some blog advertorials!

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