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feels like forever twenty-one

And we decided to cut the princess cake back at home. It was such an impromptu decision I didn’t have enough time to clean up my place. That   explains the mess, but the company I had didn’t seem to mind one bit!

The idea to wear sky high heels at home was the best idea I ever thought of. Now we’re the same height as the guys or maybe even taller.  All in the name of glam, the sad thing is I have an insane amount of sweeping to do afterwards though.



Doesn’t my birthday cake look incredibly beautiful? Plus it goes so well with my bouquet, man I feel like a real princess. It’s funny how as I age each year, I want a cake that reminds me I’m still a child at heart.

So overwhelmed with love! I couldn’t be happier that everyone’s here to celebrate with me & so appropriately dressed for once. Trust me, all of us have gotten too close for comfort, it’s actually super refreshing to be in anything other than casual wear. It’s almost like I’m seeing new faces!



Oh shucks this cake was such a challenge, it’s so pretty I couldn’t bear to destroy it. Where should I position my knife?

Way too much fun seeing the guys posing with their heart-shaped sticks, especially when they clearly dislike pink. Evil!



Everyone else helped in dismantling the cake eventually, phew what a relief!

Rah Rah decided to do a sneak attack on me & we all ended up bursting in laughter!

Yes my hair’s gotten blonder than ever & I can’t describe how much I love it! I’d share with you how its kept in such good condition despite letting it go through so much trauma. Stay tuned!

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  1. jess says:

    Hi agri,will u be selling the red dress and the red top u wore for your birthday?

  2. agri says:

    yes you may email me at to enquire 🙂

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