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Firmer & Fuller with Tokyo Bust Express

The road to growing up was not such a smooth-sailing one, just when all my friends were blessed with natural big bosoms, here I was, relying on a shelf full of push-up bras. I wouldn’t lie though, these babies do their jobs pretty damn well in giving you that desired oomph. Then again, once you’ve taken it off, you’re back to square one. I want to be able to look better in clothes all the time.

Don’t you wish that effect was permanent? Surgery was not an option because I was afraid of the complications it might bring about & the scarring too. If only if only there was an alternative that required no surgery…

A couple months later, I’m so thankful Tokyo Bust Express came into my life! Trust me, I was equally skeptical at the start, but having read so many good reviews on different blogs, I decided to give it a try. Let me take you through the process!

Here I am at their Square 2 (Novena) Branch. Knowing it’s my birthday, they surprised me with such pretty flowers. Why so sweet you guys!

During the consultation with your specialist, you’d have to change into a robe for a personalized bust analysis. I think what drew me to Tokyo Bust Express was the ingredients used in every treatment. They’re all natural & I can be rest assured that this is 100% risk free.

Upon proper measurement, I was told that my bosoms were not proportionate with one another, with my left being a B+ & my right being a B-. Goodness gracious! My specialist, Evonne could also feel that my mammary glands on the left were definitely more than the right. With the personalized treatment created for me, we’re aiming to create a fuller looking bust for the right side & also an overall lifting effect.


Here’s the list of treatments I’d be doing today.

1) Collagen Scrub

2) Bust Up Therapy

3) Phyto-Nutrient Therapy

4) Suction Therapy


Waiting patiently for the therapist for come into my cozy VIP room with flower petals aplenty. I felt like a little girl about to be transformed into a fair lady! I was ready to be pampered like I’ve never been before.

The treatment took about 2 hours, and in that duration I was in complete relaxation mode. Of course I can’t post all the pictures here! The lymphatic drainage massage could feel a lil’ awkward at the start, but once you get past that, it feels really good. There was no pain at all, but I felt tickled & ended up giggling like a school girl.

I was extremely satisfied with the after result, seeing how my right bust obviously looks fuller & more proportionate with my left bust. The equivalent of a push-up effect, except this was done without a wonder bra.

Thank you Tokyo Bust Express for the impeccable service & giving me on the best spa experience I’ve ever had. I never would have imagined that this was possible, all my worries were gone with the wind. Through one treatment, I was already able to see such good results, can you imagine what subsequent visits would do? Please lead me closer to the road of femininity!

Exclusive to my readers, Tokyo Bust is offering this to all you beautiful ladies!


Q : Tokyo Bust Express’ Bust Treatments are 100% safe, natural & non-invasive.

True or False?


All entries will receive :

– Personalized Bust Analysis


Bust Enhancement Kit worth $488


Here’s the instructions you have to follow.

1) Leave details HERE.

2) Sms AVT_FULLName_NRIC_Answer to 85330226

3) Call 6262 6161


Terms & Conditions

Females 18 years old & above only

Strictly by appointment only

Promotion valid for 2 months


Tokyo Bust Express can be found at :

City Square Mall #B2-39

Park Mall #11-06

Nex Mall #03-32

Novena Square 2 #B1-111

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