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Achieving Eye Perfection With Skin Inc

Let’s face it. Our age increases with each year & signs of aging start making their way to our faces. Perhaps I should have gotten myself started on eye cream targeted at under-eye wrinkle prevention way back in my teenage years.

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate, yet I didn’t give them the love they needed in the past. Oh no, does this mean I’m doomed & forced to live with these darned lines?


Just last week, I got invited to Skin Inc’s power-packed ‘All About Eyes’ workshop. We got a preview of Skin Inc’s very first eye product (after 5 years of R&D!) and got to know more about taking care of the delicate skin around the eyes.

I’ve always been interested to check out Skin Inc for awhile now, but haven’t got around to doing it. Some of my friends swear by it & their skins are indeed looking oh so fine. Thank you Carmen for keeping me in mind, this came right on time!


Let’s take a look at the demonstration done on the model. Reiee’s boyfriend was such a good sport! Damn his skin is already good enough, but apparently applying this Pure Revival Peel would give him even more perfect skin than how it was!



The after effect looks amazing, you could immediately tell one side of the face looked lifted & so radiant it felt unreal! Sorry I wasn’t able to get a proper picture of that from where I was sitting.



Next up, I learnt the proper application of eye cream. I can’t believe all these years, I paid so much attention to my entire face, but I’ve always neglected the eyes. I thought using the mother of all eye creams was the solution to the fine lines, but clearly, the way I’m applying it on is equivalent to not applying anything all! Sometimes the fingers can’t do it all, you need a device to stimulate the area in order for the eye cream to penetrate the skin better!

Skin Inc’s ‘Eyes Love It’ Optimizer does just that. Containing Iontophoresis that boost skin’s absorption by 40%, it has an ergonomic design that adheres to facial contours to address wrinkle-prone areas. The optimizer also offers an intelligent technology that adjusts power automatically to suit skin’s condition. With that, you can be ensured, your skin is really indeed receiving 100% goodness.




Happy to interact with the bloggers at the event itself & everyone’s having a good time testing out the amazing serums available in-store while munching on delicious cupcakes & light bites. Thank you Skin Inc for the yummy treats, you know I’d never say no to that!



Skin Inc is unlike any other brands I’ve used. It’s the world’s first Skin Supplement Bar offering highly concentrated, 100% pure & active serums & skincare from Japan. Now that I look at my range of skincare, I realized I don’t have any products that’s made in Japan. Japanese people are known to have one of the best complexions, it’s probably a sign to start investing in one for a start.



Excited to try out Skin Inc’s very first Age-Revival Stem Cell Eye Cream! The texture itself feels extremely luxurious, yet when applied, the skin absorbs it very quickly. Plus, the ingredients used in this product look very promising. With 20 active ingredients including 4 Types Of Peptides, Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Hesperidin, Argan Tree Extract & Grape Extracts, this is a lot of goodness for the fatigued eye. Hopefully in time to come, my under-eye lines can be visibly reduced! I’d update you very soon.

Stem Cell Eye-Direct MRb

There’s also the Skin Inc Age Revival Stem Cell Serum which I’ve decided to give a shot at. Both the Eye+ and Serum contain stem cells from the Uttwiler Sparlauber Apple that has self-regenerative capabilities – the fruit stays fresh for unusually long periods of time. Skin Inc has harnessed those powerful properties & infused them into the serum & Eye+ products.

Yes life does not feel at all like a bed of roses. Hitting the mid twenties just means using richer products to minimize the aging process! I shall not be lazy from now on & embark on this 4 week intensive anti-ageing program. I still want to look forever 21.


With their wide array of cocktails, there’d be something suitable for everyone’s different skin type. You can customize a bottle of My Daily Dose Serum according to your skin identity & solve multiple skin conditions in one simple step. So whether your skin needs a combination of protection, anti-ageing, healing & brightening or just an extra boost of antioxidants, you can achieve it in a single application that reinforces your current skincare. How fuss-free! Say yes to looking youthful forever!


5 Minutes To Perkier Peepers – A tip from Skin Inc

For instant results : Apply Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum, followed by the ‘Eyes Love It’ Optimizer, & finish off with Stem Cell Eye+. In as little as 5 minutes, this DIY regime will leave your eyes soothed & refreshed.

Skin Inc Fun Facts :

– 86% of women observed refinement of wrinkles & lines within a week’s use of Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum.

– 7 times the percentage of active ingredients found in most popular anti-ageing serums (according to market average of anti-ageing products)

Here’s where to locate Skin Inc :

Ion Orchard #B3-42/43

Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-25

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